How Can I Move Forward?

I am in a state where I cannot move forward. I had discovered my husband having an affair 3 months ago. I was 7 months pregnant then with our 3rd child. Since then, my life has been hell and he has turned into a person I no longer recognise. This is a man I have known for 10 years… Someone I know to be kind, responsible and honest. So, what has happened is like a nightmare and I am still waiting to wake up.

He has chosen the other woman, who happens to be married as well. And I can’t understand why he would do this to our family, to the kids, not to mention a newborn.

No matter what I say, he rejects and pulls further and further away. He is not willing to work on the marriage at all, period.

I am hoping for a miracle, for him to change to be the man I knew. And doing a bad job of telling myself to move on, be strong for the kids..

Its been 3 months. My baby just turned 1 month and I am just living day by day. Some days being worse than others.

Is there a way you can help ?

Thank you

Dear J,

Bless you, such a challenging situation to face with small children. It would seem your husband has fallen under the spell of this other woman. You now need to focus on your children and yourself and try your utmost to take one step at a time to go forward. I suggest you cut the cords to your husband – this clears any negative thoughts and emotions that may be flowing between you. Please see the YouTube video below. I would also suggest you book a personal distance healing session and I can send you uplifting and healing energy just for you and if you give me permission I will clear any karma that may be between the three of you. Also join the monthly sessions as the energies of love and nurture that I send out will definitely benefit you at this time.

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