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Hello, my name is Rebecca Bourhill. Recently I have made the conscious decision to put it ‘out there’ that I have Fibromyalgia and Asperger’s. It has taken a few years to get over the denial of the diagnosis of Asperger’s but I have accepted this and am now talking about it and feel my story can inspire and encourage others. However, I at first fell victim to my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and working my way through the pain and challenges is a daily battle but also feel that there is something here to teach others.

I will be giving a talk about the trip I have taken through life, my challenges, what I have struggled with but more importantly how I have worked my way through them. It involved and still involves an integrated approach, gut health, a change in lifestyle and knowing that everything will work out in the end.


  1. Hello Anne jones.I have just started watching some of your Youtube videos,and find them absolutely fantastic,thank so much for posting them.I Do have some inquiries if you are happy to answer them,The energy protection one is the one that i am practicing ATM,I love the one on the 4 trees surrounding you with golden chains around the 4 tree and white light flowing down that the lady from Hong kong taught you,and the inquiry is can i do this for my house and land,my car,my mums and family members home etc..and can I also use a different colour light such as golden,purple, blue,green etc rather than white.?kindest Regards Tony Aurora.?

    1. Dear Tony

      Thank you for your mail and I am so pleased you are finding my YouTubes helpful. You can certainly use the Four Trees as a protection for people, places, pets as well as yourself. You can use any colour that is appropriate as each colour holds a different vibration. If you want the person to be empowered gold or red is good, healed use green etc etc. I am sure you know.

      Sending much love and hugs to you – stay safe

      Anne xxx

      Ps You can also use a Castle to hold you safe. Visualise the caslte walls around you and bring into the castle anyone you wish.

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