Coping with the challenges of conflict


Why is there so much conflict in our world? All my life there has been a war somewhere. My heart breaks to see the devastation caused by the wars in Yemen and Syria where children are dying of hunger and bombing raids. Why is this happening? Why are innocent children used as suicide bombers, why so many women and children killed in random attacks because of their beliefs? What drives the hatred? And what can we do about it?

If we look at the way conflict and challenge affects our own personal lives we can see the micro of the macro situation that the whole of humanity is experiencing. What do you do when someone attacks you or when there is conflict close to you? I noticed in the last few weeks there seems to be conflict all around me. Friends and couples who I have known for a long time seem to be arguing more, clashing more and even more aggressive than I have noticed before. Even at the restaurant today the couple at the next table began to argue. I suspect the planets have some influence, also we are in a time when consciousness is evolving quite fast. This means we speed up on our challenges and our own personal evolvement goes into overdrive – we learn more lessons and experience opportunities to grow and gain wisdom.

When we look within to see why we are attracting challenges we are able to be honest with ourselves. Only when we accept that we have attracted the challenge for a reason, either to complete some cycle of development and learning already started or to highlight some aspect of ourselves that needs healing (transforming). I have been asking myself why I see so much conflict around me at the moment. I feel the peace within me and there is no conflict in any of my relationships so I am sensing it’s to bring my attention to conflict and to shine my light upon it and to be outside the judgement of it but to see the bigger picture. I don’t profess to understanding the entire complex situation of light and dark but I do know that people fight when they are full of fear. People fight when they feel powerless and want more power – whether this is in a marriage, a working relationship or for communities or creeds when they feel disempowered and not recognised or accepted. We can’t get into the heads and hearts of those who feel so violent about their beliefs, who wish to change the world to their way, to eliminate anyone who doesn’t follow their creed. But we can affect our own response.

So how can we respond to these challenges?
When we are pushed into outrage by the actions of others we get the opportunity to focus on what is dear to us; what matters in the bigger scheme of life; what core values are precious to us. Then we move closer to those who have those same values and many move onto the streets and march to show their alignment. One antidote to discord is ACCEPTANCE of the differences of those around us.

And at home
We can always find fault with ourselves or our partners/family/employer. But from my experience a happy home and a peaceful home is where unity, tolerance and acceptance are practised. Where we may sigh and roll our eyes but we also smile at the frailties and the differences between ourselves and those around us rather than try to change them or control them.

Finally, the troubles in the world have made me look at what I have in my own life. I feel so grateful that I am not in a major conflict zone – in my family or in my community. The discord I observed in the relationships around me makes me aware of my own inner peace and the peace of my life. It also makes me aware that this is precious to me – I want to be at peace. As intention is the master of change this wanting and needing of peace will be the energy that changes our world. Add that to unity, tolerance and acceptance to ourselves and then out to those we meet in our lives and I know we can make a difference – our own peaceful energy will ripple out and affect everyone it touches.

So sending you love as ever and also peace, in your heart and in your home.

Big hugs Anne xxx

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