creativity blocks

Creativity Blocks

We are all creators! Blocks can come when we feel insecure about our talents, ashamed of shining our light or maybe even past life issues have bought in a fear of being creative and expressing ourselves. In this section you will find many ways to assist you in clearing these blocks.

Recorded Healing Sessions

  • Connect, Create and Balance
  • Overwhelmed and Not Coping
  • Connecting to Planet Spirit

All available on my Youtube Channel.

Recorded Meditations

  • Night Time Ritual
  • Connect to the Energy Flow of the Universe
  • Flying Beyond Limitations
  • Pluto Energies & New Beginnings

All available on my Youtube Channel.

Power of You Online eCourses

  • Symbol Healing for the Heart and Soul

All available in my Shop.

Books & CD’s


Youtube Videos

Morning Ritual
Clearing Negative Thought Forms
Healing Low Self Esteem

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