Creativity Blocks

We are all creators! Blocks can come when we feel insecure about our talents, ashamed of shining our light or maybe even past life issues have bought in a fear of being creative and expressing ourselves. In this section you will find many ways to assist you in clearing these blocks.

creativity blocks

Recorded Healing Sessions

  • Connect, Create and Balance
  • Overwhelmed and Not Coping
  • Connecting to Planet Spirit

All available on my Youtube Channel.

Recorded Meditations

  • Night Time Ritual
  • Connect to the Energy Flow of the Universe
  • Flying Beyond Limitations
  • Pluto Energies & New Beginnings

All available on my Youtube Channel.

Power of You Online eCourses

  • Symbol Healing for the Heart and Soul

All available in my Shop.

Books & CD’s


Youtube Videos

Morning Ritual

Clearing Negative Thought Forms

Healing Low Self Esteem

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