disconnected and out of balance

Disconnected & Out of Balance

Do you feel like you do not quite fit? Like other people seem to fit in and you are always on the outside? This is fairly common and quite often comes from a disconnection from the source, there is lots of help and information here to help bring you back to full connection and balance once more.

Recorded Healing Sessions

  • Connect Create and Balance
  • Healing Loneliness, Isolation and the Wounds of Rejection
  • Healing feeling overwhelmed and Not Coping
  • Slow Down & Heal
  • Connecting to Planet Spirit

All available on my Youtube Channel.

Recorded Meditations

  • At Peace in a Country Garden
  • Connect to the Energy Flow of the Universe
  • Meeting Your Higher Self
  • Night Time Ritual
  • Shamanic Journey to Meet Your Totem
  • Meet Your Guardian Angel
  • Pluto Energies & New Beginnings

All available on my Youtube Channel.

Online eCourses

  • Symbol Healing for the Heart and Soul
  • Healing Negative Energies

All available in my Shop.

Books & CD’s


Youtube Videos

Morning Ritual
Cutting the Cords and Healing your Heart
Connect to Divine Energy
Balancing and Empowering Chakras

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