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Hi Anne,

deep-meditation-300x199A few months ago, I was in deep meditation. I asked the Universe to reveal something to me that would help me lead a more spiritual life. I quieted my mind and suddenly I felt an energy force move through me and push my body, and I very clearly saw the name “Anne Jones” in my head, with an emphasis on the e at the end of Anne. I live in the US and had never heard of you, so I brushed it off at first thinking I must have made it up. However, it persisted so I decided to google your name, and your page was the first thing that came up! I was shocked to find that the name in my head wasn’t something I had made up, but actually someone who could help me develop my spirituality!

My question for you is about a place/feeling I have experienced about 5 times since I was little. It is a feeling that is far more enjoyable than anything I have ever felt in the physical world. I once felt this amazing feeling in a dream when I was little, and for years after I would “search” for that feeling in my dreams. In the past year I have felt it about 3 times when I am in deep meditation. It lasts only a few seconds, but brings me to tears every time because I feel so peaceful and unexplainably joyful. Although it is far beyond any other joy I have felt here in this life, it feels oddly familiar and home-like when I feel it- there are simply no words to describe the vast beauty of it. Sometimes I feel like my soul briefly leaves my body when I feel this feeling.

My question is is it possible that I experience a brief period of my soul leaving the body when this happens? Or have you heard of this at all and know where I can learn more about it?

I would very much appreciate any insight you may have on this! Thank you so much.


Dear Courtney,

I am now back in UK catching up on my mail, I am sorry for the delay in responding to your letter – which was amazing! I have had some pretty fantastic experiences but I am still amazed when these wonderful synchronistic and other-worldly experiences occur. How wonderful! So thank you for not dismissing me when I came to you in your meditation! Ha ha.

Now to your blissful experiences:

I know the feeling you experienced and it’s so hard to find adequate words and also hard to hold on to – more’s the pity. Once I was returning from a retreat in the east of England and on the long drive home on the motorway I started to feel quite strange – as though my physical body was melting away. As this is not the best way to drive a car I pulled into a service station. To help me ground myself I stepped out of the car and walked around on the tiny stretch of grass by the side of the parking lot. I felt amazing, blessed and surreal – I looked up expecting to see a light in the sky but all I saw was McDonald’s arches looming over me! That night I woke to absolute feelings of bliss, as you described, and was able to fully enjoy the experience. I felt I could embrace and love the entire world – I had never before felt so much love flowing through me.

I suspected, like you that this was some form of astral travelling, my soul rising to higher realms, going home and experiencing heaven. However, recently I have been getting further insights into the working of the heart – the spiritual and energy heart centre. Some years ago I was shown four chambers of the heart by angels while visiting Pondicherry in India, (the full story of this is in my book Opening Your Heart) and lately I have seen that there are many more of these “chambers” dealing with the flow of love to various aspects of our life. On my visit to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia I sat and drew my newly discovered understanding of these chambers and discussed them with my mentor and dear friend Sally, a powerful healer and psychic who has played the role of earthly guardian angel for me since I began my journey 20 years ago. I showed her my concept of a centre core which held the pure light and love that comes from our source and is the true essence of our being – a sort of God within. Around this I drew these interfaces that sometimes are open and sometimes closed. I shared my thought that the blockages in these “interface chambers” stop us from feeling the love in the middle; prevent the love energy from flowing into all our relationships to aspects of ourselves and to others and also stop us from “shining our light” through every aspect of our lives. She can see energy and said I was on the right path with my thinking.

When I received your letter – such perfect timing, of course – I sent it to her to ask her whether your experience was astral traveling or an inner connection. Here is her response:

“As for Courtney’s question, this is amazing…… it is exactly what I feel sometimes – maybe only about 10 times a year. I believe it is what you and I were talking about when we were looking at your heart diagram… it is that quintessential state of bliss when everything is open, flowing and vibrating perfectly. We can only hold it for a short while and then it’s gone! I don’t think Courtney has an out-of-body experience, simply that she is in BLISS, mind, body and soul – something which all those gurus and hermits are trying to attain. Good for her I say!!!”

This has left me somewhat jealous that I have had just a few of these sublime moments and she gets 10 a year! But I think it’s a focus we can all have – a goal for our inner work, our healing and our self-acceptance and allowing. To share my insights and understanding of the workings of the heart I am giving a series of on-line workshops/seminars through my new community website www.the-powerofyou.com and I will be focusing on ways that we can clear the way to allow us to access our inner light in practical and real ways. So thank you Courtney, your letter was timely and I am grateful that Spirit has brought us together.

Love and hugs Anne x


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