Financial Distress and Abundance Issues

Dear Anne
I’m from Singapore and saw the healing videos and would like to seek help. I am in deep financial distress.
I’ve been looking for a decent job for almost 3yrs and my family members are each having their own deep issues too mostly finance related.
I just can’t seem to improve my situation and seriously think something is blocking my progress.
I really need help so that I can give my 3 young kids a bright future.
Are you guys able to help me find out my problem?

I am sorry to hear of your distress and difficulty in getting a good job. If everyone in your family is struggling with money worries and problems there could be a couple of reasons. One is that your parents have passed to you their own concerns and insecurities. If you are brought up by people who worry it’s easy for you to not only inherit this tendency but to have deeply programmed or implanted negative beliefs around the issues of money, prosperity and good employment. For example you may deeply believe that you will never have enough money, that you are unlucky, that you cannot succeed etc. all from the words and thoughts of your parents.

The second reason can be that you are troubled by a negative energy that has passed through your family – the Healing session video “Clearing Family Energy of Negativity & Curses” is specifically for that purpose and I suggest you sit quietly and allow the energy of it to work on you and the family.

Healing imprints and attitudes around money
If you feel that you have been affected by your parents or family members and would like to re-program your attitude to money or fear of lack or maybe hold a subconscious sense that you are not worthy then here are a few ideas to help you heal:

  1. Write down what you fear and any attitudes that you know have come from hearing other people express their feelings about lack, fear, insecurity etc. Identifying what are other people’s thoughts and what are truly your own will be a good start to change your subconscious and conscious thoughts about money.
  2. Write down your intention to attract a good job and prosperity.
  3. Be positive in your intentions to attract money and work. The doubts you speak out loud and share with those around give them power so you need to release anxieties and fears. Write down all your fears and then burn the paper and know that the energy is dissipated and transformed.

More Help
I have recorded a meditation to help create abundance in your life you can find this with a number of other sessions and healings on my healing directory. I suggest you also work through these.

Healing Session
Finally to help you and the many other readers who have money issues I have recorded a healing session below.


Whilst you wait for the new job to come through – make sure you look for the abundance in your life that you already have as gratitude is a magnet and will attract beneficial energies, situations and opportunities. You mentioned you have three children – I am sure they are a great source of joy to you – enjoy every minute with them that you can.

May your life be abundant in every way!

Big hugs Anne xxxxxx


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