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A friend of mine started blogging a few months ago and she was excited that it gave her an opportunity to speak straight from her heart and be true to herself after years of constantly watching what she said in the spiritual organisation in which she worked. I haven’t been shut down but I can understand her enthusiasm for blogging as speaking out to friends, acquaintances and even to people I don’t meet, gives me a chance to speak from the heart and not from expectations of what I or others feel I should say.

From my perspective as a spiritual healer/teacher, I relish being around with the technology and in an era when I can say what I want, with the opportunity to share my insights and experiences without the limitations that spiritual healers have had in the past. Having seen several of my own and many other people’s past lives with horrendous experiences of persecution in the name of religion and spiritual laws I am incredibly glad that I live today and live in a country that encourages free speech without being tagged subversive and having to watch out for bonfires! Those past life experiences have made me cautious about labels, rules and regulations. So I don’t belong to any organisation, nor have I created one myself, I haven’t given my healing a name, nor do I intend to, so I am working and writing untouched by laws, regulations or limitations created by those seeking power and control. Everything I bring to the table will be purely my own beliefs, insights from my own life and spiritual experiences and flashes from spirit!

I would love to hear from you too, please, if you have any input on any subject I introduce chip in whether you agree or not.

We are all connected through the glue of spiritual energy, so when enough people have the same mind-set or belief or even suffer from the same limitation then the whole consciousness of their group, culture or country becomes infected. In one country that I visit I have felt my throat closing up as soon as I arrived. At first I thought it was the air conditioning on the flight but I soon realised that this wasn’t a reflection of my own state of health but rather I was picking up the closed throat chakra of a large proportion of the country’s inhabitants, in particular the women.


If your family or partner tells you that you speak nonsense or you are ignored or your feelings are not taken into account then eventually you will not bother to say what you feel at all. Of course, this doesn’t mean you stop having feelings, emotions or needs but that you just don’t express them. You are then trapped between your mind and your emotions. This situation allows resentment and anger to grow and the feelings you suppress gain strength – as does everything that is rejected, pushed down or denied. Eventually there is a chance that you will become sick as the body will be affected by the toxic energies.

So what to do? How can you speak out when its fear that closes down your vocal chords; makes your stomach churn when you get the attention of a group; turns you beetroot at the very thought of being the focus of attention? My suggestion is you start by writing. Join forums, leave comments, use Facebook and even Twitter to share your feelings. Join Aziz or Amazon where you get a chance to join up with others to get a Big Voice over issues in the world that upset you. If you have a lot of stored up bitterness, grief or anger then write down what you feel, even what you felt in the past but didn’t get to say. When you’ve poured it out then burn it and see it transforming the toxins into flame – into light.

You could even try your hand at writing poetry – it doesn’t have to scan but it can be great for the soul as it can be simple and to the point. I wrote a poem about my natural father’s reluctance to be with me from the day I was born. I cried buckets as I wrote it but it was cathartic and I felt a great release once it was done. Now I can step back from the emotion and see the bigger picture and realise that he gave me life and that was his gift – his presence after that wasn’t needed!

Once you get used to expressing yourself in writing then you will find it easier to speak your feelings without resorting to anger. Join a small group of like-minded people; a meditation group; a book club, a support group for animals, whatever floats your boat and gradually allow yourself to give your input – it is after all, equally as valuable as anyone else’s.


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  • Thanks Anne.
    This is a very timely post for me to read. I am experiencing more and more feeling of tightness around my thought – even some now as I write these words.
    I am working through this blocked energy, and do some daily writing, which has been a great help. Only last week someone suggested I write poetry, so I think I will give that a try now, especially after reading about it in your blog.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.
    Best wishes

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