I gave away my Protection Pendant

protection-pendantHi Anne,

Recently, i went to Italy and was in this leather shop to shop for a jacket. The owner is a man in his late 40s and was very interested in the protection pendant with the horus eye that I was wearing. He knew it was a symbol or protection and was so keen and asked me how i got it. So i told him I bought it from your healing workshop. He was interested to protect himself from the negative energies and people who tried to used his name to sell leathers online which he was not part of. He made an offer to sell me the jacket at a reduced price with the condition of giving him the pendant I was wearing. I was very reluctant because I have been wearing the pendant since 2009. But somehow, I gave it to him. After I left the shop, I am full of regret. I should not have traded that pendant for a 210Euro jacket which I think now it’s overpriced. I felt I have lost something dear to me since leaving the shop. Now, when I think back, he doesn’t seem honest to me because he didn’t give me a receipt for the jacket I bought and also the tax refund. I felt really foolish now. I am wondering if it’s okay if he were to wear the pendant that I have been wearing for years.

Maggie x

Dear Maggie,

Thank you for sharing your situation – it resonates with me because I profess (and convince myself) that I am not sentimental about my belongings but when a piece of jewellery that I have had for sometime or was a gift from someone I love then I do feel a bit of me is missing when it gets lost or stolen. So I understand that you will feel a bit bereft. However, firstly, there is no harm in him wearing the pendant and you gave it over with the very best of intentions. He is lucky for he has the power of the symbol, the power of the obsidian and he also has your positive vibes in the pendant too. Very lucky man! Whether or not it’s a fair deal is another matter and, quite honestly, the best thing for you to do is to let it go with grace and wish him well with it.

The power of the symbol is protection and none of the symbols work with negative intentions so he cannot steal your luck or your good fortune by wearing it. In fact he needs to hold positive intentions for his business if he wants it to grow as even the most powerful symbol in the world will be blocked by persistent negative thoughts.

Bless you, Maggie, you really don’t have to worry. Let go any anxiety about the financial implications and then you can walk away from the transaction feeling you have done him a favour, you have a jacket that I am sure you will wear and enjoy and you can buy another pendant from our website when it suits if you so wish! If you do order a new one I will ask Brenda to give it to me first and I will fill it up with some extra energies too!

Big hugs and love

Love and blessings

Anne x


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