Guilt Will Draw You Back to Your Past

Hi Anne,

I have negative thoughts quite often, I sometimes get transfixed on events that happened many years ago, like an insult or a something someone said or did that I feel I didn’t say the right thing at the time in response. The thing is, these events I think about, in the space of time and space, are really quite minor and I know that, but yet I still think in this way. Sometimes I seem to spend to much of my day thinking like this. I wish I lived more now in the present time.

guiltAny past experience, no matter how seemingly insignificant they may seem to you, if it has created any feeling of guilt or shame will become a negative imprint. A imprint is a low vibration energy spot – a scar – that holds the emotions you felt at the time and subsequently. This then becomes a magnet for your mind and negative thoughts will just automatically come up – mostly judging you and making you feel bad about yourself.

Thought energy cords

When you have the same thought over and over again the heavy energy of the thought becomes a thought form – which is a like a dark cloud that hangs over you or, if the thoughts are focused on one situation or experience in your past, it will create a negative energy cord linking you back to that time. Which is why you find it so difficult to let the past go and are troubled by these spontaneous re-runs. It’s like you are beating yourself up over and over again without remission.

What can you do to stop these thoughts?

You need to go to the root of the problem which is the emotion locked into the imprint. There are two ways to clear imprints – one is to raise the low vibration of the imprint and the best way to do that is to send it love. The second is to understand the reason you created this situation in the first place – that is, what lesson is it teaching you?


An effective way to heal with love the part of you that is hurting from the past is to visualise yourself as you were at the time of the incident. Then open your arms and your heart and allow the ‘you’ of that time to step into your heart to be loved and healed. Accept that you were doing the best that you could at that time and forgive and love yourself with the same compassion you would for someone who would come to you and say they were haunted by words they spoke to you years ago. Put yourself out of the torment with acceptance and kindness.

You can cut the cords by following my Cord Cutting meditation

What is the lesson?

You will need to work out for yourself what the lesson is and how you plan to change. I would suggest that understanding the pain that judgement and lack of compassion can inflict on someone – in this case yourself – and dare I suggest the need to be more openhearted with yourself!

Love and hugs Anne x

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