Healing Old Curses

Dear Anne,

healing-cursesFirst and foremost, I’d like to thank you for being such a caring and giving spirit. Also, thank you for responding to my comment on Youtube with regards to the possibility of removing an old curse or spell.
Is it possible to heal curses and black magic that have been there for forty four years?

Three years ago my suspicion was confirmed to me (by a family member) that my step mother who passed away in 2005, had put a curse on me. I was only 14 years old at the time and my father had just died, my step mother was my legal guardian as I did not grow up with my birth mother. It is obvious that she put the curse on me out of jealousy over my inheritance. This took place in Ethiopia where I grew up in the late sixties. It was hard for me to accept that the only mother that I knew would do such a horrible thing to me. It was devastating and I felt betrayed in every sense. I now know for sure that this curse affected or blocked two major areas in my life, my career and my relationships with others (family, friends and partners).

What led me to be suspicious about the curse or evil eye was due to the fact that I was unable to find any employment through the years. In the US where I live, I trained as a school teacher only to find part time positions as a substitute. On the days that I worked, I would feel a tremendous amount of fear and I would physically get sick (with nausea, stomach cramps). I held several menial jobs just to make a living and hated every minute of it. It did not feel right, I knew that I did not belong there and I would get very frustrated. I was a social worker for a short period of time. I absolutely enjoyed helping others especially young women, but I was always nervous and fearful. I was not fulfilled and did not like the office bureaucracy. I was feeling confined as with all these jobs and did not feel I belonged. I had lost the self confidence and the clarity that I once had in my early teens. Back then I remember being focused and driven, and knew exactly what I wanted out of life. Today, I cannot confidently say the same, something happened and things became hazy and blurry.

In my mid forties, I went back to school to get my masters degree hoping that I would get a professional job.
I had networked with people who worked for an international organization, with no results. At one time I was worried about my resume being spotted with employment gaps. However, as I am seeking to know my higher purpose and pray for help, I get comfort and no longer worry about it.

My relationship with friends, family members, partners has definitely been sabotaged. I love being there for other people and have done a lot to help others. But, without going into details the very people that I have helped always find a way to turn against me. I am a compassionate, warm and loving person and my children know and appreciate who I am. I married an alcoholic who squandered our savings, he is not only a control freak but he was also mean to me. I am currently going through a nasty divorce that has already taken three years.

I think my step mother also put a curse on the house that my father left me in his will because things always break in the house. The people who live there always complain about something.

Anne, in your Youtube interview when you described what a ‘Light Worker’ is, it instantly resonated with me. I thrive on doing something good for others. I am praying for guidance and for finding good work that helps humanity and our planet. I thank you for any suggestions of healing and protection.

May the Universe Bless you and your work,


Dear Martha,

Yes you can clear that old curse and it doesn’t matter how old it is. But we need to find what attracted it to you in the first place. It could be a life lesson or clearing some karma. We can use love to clear the curse but you will need to let go any anger etc towards your step mother so that you can be clear of all negativity to do with her. Writing down all your feelings about her then burning the writing will set that in motion.
I suggest you book a telephone session or a personal distance healing see my website annejones.org and we can clear this once and for all and any karma and you can move on to shine your light fully.

Big hugs xxx

Anne x

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