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law-of-attractionDear Anne. Could you please help, I beg you! my life is a tragedy and it has been since I was raped by my father when i was a small child. since that time my life has invited a chain event of misfortune, accidents, misery and many disputes with my family. I have also suffered illnesses and other maladies. It feels some times that my children and rest of my family are carrying a curse. Is there a way out for this, what can i do? I want to die !!

Dear Anon

I am so sorry to hear of your difficult situation and your childhood experience, bless you.

When your father attacked and raped you he left an imprint within you. This imprint holds the memory of the rape and also the emotions you felt at that time. It also acts as a magnet and will attract negative people and situations.

Clearing the toxic energy

Its vitally important that you get this imprint transformed. To do this it needs love and acceptance and the karma between you and your father needs to be dissolved – the only way for you to release that is through forgiveness of him. This is not easy and my suggestion is that you think of it as a spiritual detoxification for yourself. A clearing of your energy of anything to associate with what happened and a purging of your mind, your heart and your body of his energy at that time. I suggest you write down all your negative feelings about not only your father, but all the experiences you have had since then. This is a releasing from your to the paper – then burn the paper and see the energies transformed into light in the flames. Make this a final letting go so that you can be free of the memories and reclaim your personal power. Say out loud “I let go and release all influences of my experiences – I let them go now, right now” Then let your father go “I release you and all your negative influences on me” .

Heal the little girl
You also need to bring the child that you were back into your own heart and love her. Visualise yourself just after the rape and see your distress, in your mind’s eye see her in front of you and bring her into your arms and into your heart where you can love her, comfort and give her the reassurance that she needed that she hadn’t done anything wrong that the wounds will heal.

Reconnect to the True You
I suggest you do the morning ritual on my YouTube account https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwZikhAbHBg. Do this every morning and it will protect your energy, it will open your heart so that you are open to all the good things and people in life and it will reconnect you to the True and Authentic you – that’s the you that is not affected by the bad experiences and is strong and gives you guidance on what is best for you through your intuition.

Finally you might like some help with the transformation of the your energies and you can book a personal distance healing session with me from my website.

So sweetheart, see yourself greater than the events of your childhood, see yourself reclaiming all that you lost in self-esteem and self-love and know that you are now going forward strongly – not defined by the actions of your father but by your own choices and actions in life.

Sending you lots of love and big hugs

Anne xxx


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