Healing Pain

Dear Anne, thanks for healing today through your Facebook page. It feels uncomfortable as the things that no longer serve me must rise to the surface before they are released. On your Facebook page, can you explain why this happens? With gratitude and love.

Mend a broken heart
Mend a broken heart

The imprints and scars of previous experiences are held deep within our spiritual energy field – our soul and heart. When we “get” the message that they were meant to teach us then they no longer hold an emotional charge and do not hurt us. But when we still have unfinished business regarding this challenge or life lesson then the pain is still held there. It can be held very deep especially if we are in denial or just not ready to face it and heal. Once you set the intention to heal a negative imprint or issue that causes discomfort or anger or other emotion then the healing process will begin. And so the emotion will come to the surface – this is a painful part of the process – but it gets our attention! Once we understand our part in this, once we heal and transform the pain into understanding, then we grow, the negative imprint is dissolved and we no longer attract similar challenges by people pushing our buttons and we no longer get into the situations that upset us in a similar way!

When we are releasing and healing the old imprints the pain can be quite intense and can come with tears and anger – at this stage just let it go and realise that it’s a process and try not to blame yourself or anyone else, keep your heart open and eventually the imprint dissolves, the pain goes away and you get to see the bigger picture and all is smiles again – in fact you might feel euphoric, on a high!. That is until the next layer of the onion needs healing and the next issue comes up ha ha.

Love and hugs Anne xxx


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