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Geometric-IsolationDear Anne, I have similar issues, but I don’t know where and who it is coming from. I’ve been healing, clearing, shielding myself for years now, working with Angels, Saints, Masters, but it all just don’t seem strong enough to make it go away for good. It all seems to help short term for, but not long term. I have been doing your healing sessions & all your videos regularly and shield myself every day, but I am at a point where I cant deal with any people any more and live a lonely isolated life, just to protect myself and have my peace & quiet. The dark forces seem to always find ways to work through other people to attack me and sabotage me particularly in my work life and in my love life. This is going on for 25 years, I have also lost a lot of money, gained a lot of weight, struggling and surviving from job to job, let alone finding the right partner, having to deal with attacks, abuse, exploitation, betrayal, sabotage and let down. Every time things seem to fall into place and I am taking a breath, everything falls apart again and I have to start all over again. I am tired, just tired. I have done so much karma clearing, cord cuttings and all kinds of healings. What more can I do, what kind of heavy dark karma or curse is this that just won’t lift? I am alone by myself without real family or friends and feel isolated. Do you have any advice? Thank you so much. Blessings.

Bless you. What a struggle you have been through. Here are some ideas for working on your situation – you may well have already tried some but if you have been through a really long period of struggle you may have some deeply ingrained negative beliefs about yourself and be finding it hard to lift your vibrations. Remember every single negative thought about yourself, other people or life will lower your energy and then this low energy becomes the magnet for further negativity in the form of manipulative and difficult relationships and people, harmful situations etc.

  • A daily gratitude moment – either write a diary or spend a few minutes focusing on all the good things you have and that are in your world.
  • Connect to nature and/or animals as those energies are constant and positive and trees, flowers, birds etc send out a good uplifting energy all the time. Take a walk in the park or by the sea depending on your circumstances. Just focusing on trees for awhile will help.
  • Do the daily reconnect; heart opening and protecting routine on my YouTube account Anne Jones Healer – Daily ritual.
  • Keep a careful watch on your words and thoughts and if you do say or think something negative, as you naturally will when you are so low, then send those words and thoughts a blast of light – use a healing symbol or send a smiley face with your intention – this will transform the negative energy instantly.
  • Mix with people that are happy if you can. Watch uplifting movies and TV and avoid violent and downbeat media.
  • I have a healing service on my website. I suggest you put in a request for a clearing any negative karma, clearing any curses, dissolving any vows and healing your emotional pain. I think you need a boost and some help at this time to shift these old scars and imprints.

Sending you much love and hugs. Anne xxx


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