Healing sessions, feeling blocked and Artaban – The Musical with Anne Jones

This week we talked with Anne Jones, a healer and author based in the United Kingdom. Anne told us about how she was basically summoned to heal people, what are the main concerns and issues that people bring and also her new project, a musical about Artaban, the Fourth Wise Man. Check out our conversation!

How did you discover your gift? Please present your story.

I am a spiritual healer and an author. I live in the Southwest of the United Kingdom with my husband and two Labradors. I’ve been healing for over 25 years and it started in a very unusual and spooky way.

I worked some years in the computer industry. I started my healing journey in Malaysia. I had a business of my own and lots of friends in the UK but my husband’s work took us there. I got involved in a few things there, such as teaching expat women how to use computers.

One day, I decided to take a break from teaching and to lie down. I was awake and I had this voice, completely out of the blue, coming through. It said: isn’t it about time you started healing? It was so loud! There was no-one around. I asked what it meant by that and how I could do that, to which the voice replied I should speak to Sal.

At this point, I felt like I’d been plugged into the electricity system. I was buzzing. Now I understand that good spiritual experiences always come with a very high vibration. I kept thinking about who “Sal” was. I only knew one Sal: I was running a magazine for expat women, and she did reviews for the magazine on all new restaurants in town.

I happened to meet her the other evening at an event. So, I told her I needed to talk about healing, and she agreed and sent me some books on the theme by the medium Betty Shine. I went on holiday with these books and started practicing healing with everybody who’d come near me.

When I came back to Kuala Lumpur, I had lots of questions for Sal. She did not seem surprised to see me nor to hear me asking about healing. She said she’d been told by her guide that I would be coming to her. She confirmed to me that it was my grandmother that came through. She was my guide for a while, before I moved on to other guides. Sometime thereafter, I started meditating, teaching and giving healing sessions.

Tell us some about your work as a healer.

I have been using Zoom a lot for the last couple of years, which has been great. One of the things I’ve done the most is to clear negative energies. Most often, when I am doing a healing session, I get to see past lives in order to identify the cause of the problems and clear Karma.

These days, my healing sessions are a mixture of counseling and techniques I’ve learned over the years. I’ve written six books and another one is coming in January, its called How to Heal. It compiles all techniques I’ve learned in one volume.

What are the main problems people bring you?

One of them is “what is my life purpose”? Another one is “why do I feel blocked”? They feel blocked, the loss of contact, isolation and it often goes with a bit of depression. Basically, it’s the disconnection from their higher selves.

This disconnection manifests when people feel overwhelmed by low emotions, such as guilt, anger and grief. These emotions act as a barrier to the higher essence of ourselves. I help by bringing in another channel of energy for them to work with, so that they can move forward. I also reconnect them to their higher selves by releasing their negative thought forms and energies that block them. These thoughts tend to gather as black clouds when we have worries and concerns. They block vital energies from contacting us, and we feel a bit lost, flat and depressed.

People also often come with issues of love affairs, not being able to find somebody. Often, a cycle of the same situations keep occurring in their relationships, and that’s something I work with. I clear the energy between them and other people and help release fears.
Finally, letting go of the past and being free to move forward is a big thing. Lots of people get caught with the anger and upset of being hurt by somebody and wanting to move on. I do a lot of “cutting cords” and releasing people in that sense.

Tell me about your musical.

I’ve written a rock musical with a couple of friends, and it has been put on in London this year, in Covent Garden! It’s called “Artaban – the Musical”. It’s the story of the fourth Wise Man and of why he never made it to Jesus’ birth. Artaban was a Zoroastrian. The Magis of the Bible story were Zoroastrians, who worshipped the God of Light. It’s a very old religion, and focusses on the power of good and the Light.

The story is based upon a book written around 100 years ago by an American, Henry van Dyke. The story is about Artaban, who delayed reaching the other three wise men for their journey across the desert to Bethlehem because he stopped to help somebody. He had to get his own caravan together and to give up one of the gemstones he had bought as his gift for Jesus.

So, it’s a man on a quest, who spends his whole life looking for Jesus but has forever been delayed, because he’s been helping people. He becomes tortured in his soul because he feels he has failed in life by not achieving his mission. He thought his mission was to meet Jesus and help him, but it really was to help people on a day-to-day basis. I believe everybody’s spiritual journey is to help people.

The showcase of the musical takes place in the Actors’ Church Theatre in November. We’re also going to have a video made of it.

Please share a message for these difficult times.

I believe we are capable of doing everything our heart wants us to do. The most important thing to do at the moment is to connect to your heart’s will and do what it wants. Don’t listen to other people nor the media – listen to your heart, believe in yourself and then go out and do it.


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