Healing the past

healing-the-pastHi Anne
I am an Italian girl, I’m 27 years old. I am desperate, my life is ruined.
I would ask if it is possible through astral travel to go back into the past and take possession of my young past body and remain there in that new timeline forever to change the past without coming back into this current time and body?
I don’t not want to change the perception or memory or accept the past or go back into the past with my current body. I would like to leave this current body forever and go back to into my young past body that I had in the years 2000 and remain there to relive my adolescence, avoid the mistakes and change the past without returning to this current body and time. Believe me this is my only salvation, is this possible and how?
An alternative – is there a spell for time travel with my soul that can do this?
Please help me I am desperate.

Dear Donatella
It seems that you have had a very difficult and challenging time since 2000 so you want to send your soul back in time to relive the last years. The whole point of coming to earth is to gain understanding of ourselves and life and it’s through the mistakes we make that we learn the most – as you have done. You have learnt a lot from the choices you made but going back and redoing it won’t work as you will not take back the wisdom that you have now and you will probably make the same mistakes again. The challenge is now to heal the wounds that the past has left with you rather than re-do it.

You could go back in time – that is possible and I do this when I heal the genetic stream and ancestors simply by intention. I have only done healing when I have gone back and not changed the events of the past which is what you want to do. However, I know a healer who does take his clients back and they reconstruct their pasts, so you might like to try this.

Visualise a time line that goes back to the time when you wish to relive your life. See yourself walking on this line back to the date. Then allow yourself to go the events your wish to relive and see them differently. Before you do this you should forgive yourself for the errors and appreciate the effort that this difficult time has taken you through and the massive learning it gave you. When I go back to heal the past I use the Power Symbol and you will see how I do this on >a href=”https://the-powerofyou.com” target=”_blank”>The Power of You Website. There is a video showing me using the symbol.

You might also try the shape shift which can help you change your energy to whatever you wish.

Shape Shift




Shamans of ancient cultures have long practised the art of shape shifting. A modern day version of this art is to re-form yourself to something new – to change and recreate yourself. E.g. maybe you wish to start teaching a skill or knowledge so you change from a student to a teacher. Use this symbol daily with an affirmation of what it is that you would like to be. Draw from left to right.

I personally think that your best route is to heal the imprints, scars and difficult memories of your adolescence and forgive yourself and the others involved and then you move on wiser and more compassionate.

Love and hugs Anne xx

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