Healing with Anne

The clearing and healing process I offer is normally a one-off treatment that can uplift and clear you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It can release the blocks that may be preventing you from gaining the best of your potential in life; from achieving total well-being through peace of heart and mind or from enjoying good health.

Before you have this treatment with me I would like to explain what I will be doing and what you can expect from your visit or your Skype session. Of course, everyone has different needs, so the sessions will vary to a certain extent, but I will describe here the general method that I will follow.

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Book Your Session

Contact Brenda on brenda@annejones.org or call her on 07710753498 10am to 4pm.

Skype: £60 per 1 hour session
Burley, Hampshire, UK: £60 for 1 hour session
Please contact Brenda for availability and booking before you pay.