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Do you struggle to balance your sense of duty, your care for others and yet also do what makes you happy and fulfilled? It could be that your heart isn’t speaking honestly and truthfully to you. It could be it is stifled by your mind and your social and cultural programming or suffering from pain from past hurts. It could be that your true self is hidden and inaccessible so unable to tell you what you really want. If any of these sounds like the way it is for you then I may be able to help you!

For the last twenty years I have been on a “heart mission”! Since my spiritual awakening – mmm that sounds a bit pretentious – but I heard a voice telling me to start healing and as it was a voice from Spirit I guess that it’s OK to use that cliché; so since that moment I have been introduced to any number of ways to heal the heart. I nearly died in Tibet from altitude sickness but learnt how our hearts open when we feel for another – compassion. I cried for four weeks when I was shown that the heart is a complex affair that will only truly open when we let go of guilt. I felt my heart torn in two and I was taken way off connection to my true self when my mother had a stroke and I realised how attachment and love can hurt so very much. I had an amazing insight and more spiritual guidance in Norway when I realised that the heart was in fact made of many spheres or chambers that rule and are affected by different aspects of ourselves and our lives. This led to another great understanding that we connect through our hearts to our authentic selves, our higher selves, I AM presence – whatever you wish to call that true and higher aspect of who we really are – meaning that when our hearts are closed in any way we are less true to ourselves.

And now I have been given another guidance; not so much of new knowledge but a purpose and an understanding. On a quiet and peaceful trip to Spain staying with a friend, I was woken in the night to see my guide, the ascended master, Lord Maitreyer, with the spirit of my mother close by, suggesting (so politely!) that I focus on awakening hearts – activating them and bringing them to their full power – so that people can live their lives from their authentic and true self and can be themselves; make decisions that are right for them and to find true happiness. I was shown how we often follow the programming of our minds, the intensity and strength of thought-forms created by ourselves and others, how we do what we feel we ought or should do. How if we are happy inside by being true to ourselves we can then share that happiness, that strong high vibrational light, that honest and pure energy with others.

It feels good to me. I get a fuzzy whoosh (very technical!) feeling when I say or hear the truth and I certainly got a full-on whoosh that night! I realise it’s not just about the heart leading the way instead of the mind, but a co-operation and using your own wisdom and guidance. I had been shown a long time ago that it’s so important that we are connected fully to one’s higher self – or as much as we can bearing our emotions and feelings in mind and that when we are connected then life moves forward with a synchronicity and a sense of rightness. Doors open and opportunities are presented. We know when to push and when to retreat. We know when a choice is right for us and when it is not.

In my healing sessions after I have discussed with you your problems I start the healing with bringing all your dispersed energies back into your heart centre then down to the Earth to connect to the amazing spirit of our planet then up to your Higher Self, to your wisdom, your intuition, your life purpose and your soul purpose. Then I look for the wounding, the imprints in your soul that are keeping you separate from your true self and your inner peace. Often the cause of this separation is guilt, anger or low self worth – the results of life challenges that haven’t turned to life lessons but have left you with heavy emotions that create problems for you and your relationships. Often I see the past life where the imbalance and the separation began then I bring the wounded aspect of you back to be healed and loved.

Only when your heart is fully awake, open and receptive to love can you love yourself and only then can you get the sense of wholeness and unity which brings joy into our lives.

This year I am shielding with my husband so am at home to give sessions on Skype and Zoom – so join me for a heart awakening and healing and recover joy into your life again.

I look forward to sharing with you the many great energies that we can tap into that help us to enjoy our lives to the fullest in the best way possible.
Love and hugs Anne

To book a session contact Brenda@annejones.org. Full details are on my website www.annejones.org.

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