At a lunch with friends last week someone shared their concern for the state of the world and worry for the future of their grandchildren.  This set off a discussion and we shared our feelings about the world situation, the wars, the famines, the droughts, the cost of energy and food and the growing divide between rich and poor and the biggest worry of all – the condition of our planet. Some were saying that they believed mankind is heading for disaster. The energy around the table, needless to say, dropped and we all felt somewhat helpless.

I didn’t say too much as most of these situations are beyond my control and many of them are situations I have lived through before. I have seen wars come and go, seen flood and fire, economic failures and I have seen recovery. I prefer to look at things in a different way.

My personal philosophy when faced with such bad news, such challenging situations is this:

  • What can I do about it?
    • Can I give money to help a disaster fund
    • Can I get involved in making a change or helping recovery
    • Can I change my own way of living to help
  • If there is nothing practical I can do I will use Positive Projection. I will send uplifting thoughts and channel high frequency energy to the situation and/or the people affected.
  • I will then focus on HOPE.

The power and gift of HOPE

Hope keeps humans going when they are in the direst situation. It’s a great gift we have – to hope for better times, for solutions, for saviour. When we allow ourselves to hope we use our imagination to create visions of positive outcomes. I have great faith in many of the young people who will be involved in making changes for the future and taking over the leadership of our world. If you look you will find in the younger generations some remarkable souls with great minds and great compassion. These are sometimes referred to as Crystal Children. They are here to take the reigns and lead us to better and more enlightened times. One such is my friend’s son who has just gained four A* A level results and is on his way to university to take a 5-year course in Mechanical Engineering with the intention of using his brain, his passion and science to create solutions.

Change and Healing starts with acknowledgment, upset and chaos.

I see the turbulence that we are going through right now as the opportunity to heal what has been hidden or what has been ignored – especially the state of our climate and the conditions of nature. As a healer I am aware that nothing can be healed until a problem is recognised and acknowledged, and an intention is made to change. Often, we are in ignorance or denial of our own inner problems, and it is often a trauma or challenge from our relationships, our health or our spirits that make us look for our own healing and the changes we need to make to survive and recover. So it is with society. Until the bad stuff, the corruption, the negligence, the abuse, the ignorance that are causing our problems is acknowledged it will not be addressed and alternative ways will not be developed and chosen. We have seen many changes in recent years – changes that were needed for society to evolve e.g. child abuse and the acceptance of women, willingness to accept diversity and so on. As we look deeper with perception at ourselves and society so the hidden comes up to the surface and this causes chaos, emotions and upset – until the changes for the better begin.  

What is the lack of hope?

If we don’t have hope, what do we have? Hopelessness? That is a destroyer of the human will and our own force of nature. Years ago, a friend of my parents shared with me his experiences in a Japanese internment camp in Singapore in the last World War. He said that it was hope that kept them alive when they were tortured and starving. Some of the inmates gave up on hope and overnight would turn to the wall and die, not from starvation or illness but from lack of will – of despair – the lack of hope.

Adam Radin, the son of an old friend of mine created a powerful video as part of his university program and final exam. It is called Hope and I recommend you watch it. It beautifully expresses a young man’s hope for an end of the war in Ukraine and a return to peace. 

Use the power of your thoughts

We are all connected and although you may feel you cannot make a difference to situations remember that your thoughts are powerful, they hold your intention and your emotions, they are the carries of your spirit and light. When you direct your positive energy with good intention towards something that needs healing or changing you will be making a difference. The vibration of the situation will lift, the energy will change and you will create an opportunity for the situation to evolve, heal and improve.  

Raising your own spirits

When you are feeling despondent, change your focus. You can lift yourself up and gain inspiration by thinking of all the things that are working. Think about the birth of new ideas and renewals, on the good things that are happening all around you every day. In the same way that if you see the good in an individual they respond well and evolve so will our world.

So please, when you start to speak of the downside of situations keep in mind the power of your thoughts, your emotions and your inner strength and focus on the positive rather than the negative. Have hope and use its power for the change we need!

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