How to Stay Positive in a Fearful World

How to Stay Positive in a Fearful World

The world political scene is causing all of us some degree of concern and for parents with busy lives balancing work and family life, it can be another dark cloud that casts gloom into your life. All of the difficulties you face are likely to have some effect on your own energy levels and the combined worry and anxiety that everyone around you carries will also affect you.

Here I share my tips and advice on feeling more positive about life.

  • Can you do something to help?

When you become aware of a tragic or upsetting event in the news ask yourself is there anything you can do to help? Would a small donation help support the people and children affected? Is there a charity that you and your children could get involved in? Any action will make you feel better and will be a way of making a positive difference. Sending your love and caring thoughts will help too, energies and emotions follow thoughts and every kind and caring thought will have a subtle effect on the people involved. Do what you can, then step back.

  • Distract yourself from the news.

I don’t believe in hiding my head in the sand and I try to keep up with what’s going on around the world but once I am up to date with the news I then turn off the TV and avoid Facebook. Find something to focus on that is light hearted or meaningful as this will help you to have some distance from the intensity of the overwhelming drama and fear-making news stories. Find fun things to do with your family away from the computer and phone, such as country walks, sport, music or something funny on TV.

  • Insulate and protect your personal zone.

If you have to spend time or deal with negative, pessimistic, gossipy, aggressive or difficult people, either in the workplace, at the school gate or in the family, then I suggest you insulate your energy field every morning. It takes just a few seconds to get yourself in your bubble. I imagine I am walking into a large egg with thick walls and I close the door behind me. I know that any emotional outbursts or the energy streams of, ‘in your face’ people will simply bounce off the outside walls. My daughter used this to great effect when she worked as cabin crew!

  • Keeping your own thoughts positive.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an on/off button for worry but you can make a habit of switching your thoughts from anxiety by forcing yourself to think of something that’s working well in your life, something that’s uncomplicated and doesn’t stir up emotions. I think of a favourite beach or flower and just by changing the direction of my thoughts, I get a release. Create your own mantra (positive statement) that reminds you of something good and positive in your life.

  • Ways to calm yourself

If you have any spare time at all – even a few minutes each day – practice deep and slow breathing and sweep your hands over your shoulders to remove the boulders of responsibility that sit there. Burn lavender essential oil to create a calming atmosphere in your home and use lemon or lime natural bath gel to cleanse your energy field. If you have more time to spare take up yoga.

  • Find upbeat company

Mix with upbeat and lively people who have a similar view to you and enjoy being positive rather than scaremongering.

  • Keep strong boundaries

Make sure you have clear boundaries in your life. Don’t let others influence you and don’t give so much of yourself that you get sick and exhausted. Learn to say, ‘no’ when you are too tired to help.

  • Clearing with a rant!

Without fail there will be times when you get frustrated and angry so make a time in the day for you and the children to have a ‘Rant and Shout’ time. Give yourselves five minutes to shout and express all the frustration, upset and anger that has built up in the day and let it go. Have a cushion to beat and get all your negative feelings out. Then have a family hug and move on!

Hopefully, you can move on in your life and be an observer of the situations that are rocking society without it affecting you too much.

Just remember you have the will to throw light at something rather than be immersed in the darkness of it.

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