I am Wings of Freedom

I have mentioned before the great work of Debbie Rye who clears land, houses and spiritual interference. Janet Thompson has written a review of Debbie’s new book which is a great and inspiring read.

I first came across Debbie Rye the author of I Am Wings of Freedom many years ago when I was working in Shanghai. An English client told me about her and her work and since then I have given her name to many, many people across the world. Her book tells her own story about the work she does, often in an area that is not much known, dealing with energies and beings that are sometimes difficult and perhaps reluctant to leave.

I Am Wings of Freedom is a down to earth explanation of energies and beings and how and why they have arrived and how Debbie has found a way of releasing them to the light or to a more appropriate place. Often she has had to experience the problem in her own life to know and understand how to help those who come to her for assistance.

Often people want to know: what is their soul purpose? But to truly do the work that one has come to the planet to do involves much inner work oneself and without that work then we never fully engage in our soul purpose but Debbie has truly followed the path of light with all its challenges and its twists and turns.

In a very down to earth way without any flim-flam Debbie is honest and truthful about herself and her work, whether it is releasing unwanted spirits or attachments, earth bound souls or diagnosing unhelpful energies like geopathic stress and other harmful energies that can run through and around a property or a piece of land. Through her work with the Angels she is now able to accomplish and help many people remotely no matter where in the world they live. The book and Debbie’s undoubted and remarkable skills and the help and assistance of her angel guides are a must for anyone interested or looking for help.

This book is a must for anyone interested in understanding negative energies and how to release them.

Link to purchase book – I am Wings of Freedom.

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