Imprints and Learning Lessons

Hi Anne,

Please could you explain imprints? My question is, is it possible to remove them in our lifetime, or are they there to serve a purpose and we just need to deal with whatever lessons come when they activate?

Thanks Anne
Lyndsey x

imprints9Dear Lyndsey,

Thank you for the question.
Imprints are the effects and memories of traumatic events from our past. They can be produced by either one off harsh and hurtful situations like the loss of a loved one or a sudden accident. They can also be created by a pattern of harmful and recurring treatment by parents, siblings, teachers or society, e.g. Bullying, manipulation, persecution or cruelty.

Imprints can lodge in your heart, your soul or your body and they hold the emotions that you were experiencing at the time of the event.

These negative imprints act as magnets and attract energies of a similar vibration in situations and people. So you will find that a pattern develops in your life and you will be saying “Why do all my friends let me down” or “My boyfriends are always unfaithful” or “every job ends with me being overlooked” and so on.

clearing-imprints-300x232Pressing buttons
Imprints hold emotions that will come to the surface whenever you attract similar energies or get close to the same situation that caused the imprint in the first place. Often they are activated by people in our lives who “press our buttons”. So you will be touchy and flare up easily and these emotions will surface whenever someone gets close to the subject of the imprint. You will seem to take things personally so for example if someone makes a comment about how they feel you can take it as a criticism of yourself or an action of yours even when that was the last thing in the person’s mind.

Why do we have the trauma or the challenging event in the first place?
We come to Earth as spiritual adventurers and are here to help others and to grow our own consciousness – to develop ourselves spiritually and acquire wisdom. This wisdom and the understandings and insights we gain from our life experiences are never wasted and sit at our higher self for everyone ongoing Earth visit and life cycle. Before we arrive we give ourselves a list of what we wish to achieve and who we are going to help in their journeys too. In other words, we have a TO DO LIST before we come – this is grandly called Your Life Purpose! Of course, you forget about this list when you get here – just like I always leave my shopping list at home!

To ensure that we actually learn the lessons we have listed and that we do make the changes to our attitudes and behaviour we need to have a jolt – a push in the right direction. These come as challenges and if we don’t respond to the gentle nudges they will get stronger and stronger. Sometimes we have these challenges in childhood where we cannot avoid them and then we have our adult life to understand what they have taught us and convert the imprint into wisdom.

A traumatic experience will create an imprint and it’s as we live with the consequences of this that we learn and grow. As we do so the imprints fade and the emotions get released and life gets easier. If we don’t we just get more and more challenges from all quarters until we say “enough” and we make some changes in our life and our behaviour, thoughts or understandings.

Healing Imprints with Love
High frequency energy – love – can help you to clear imprints through healing but they will return if the lessons behind them have not been learnt. So it’s worth making a note of what upsets you, what patterns you can see in your life and relationships and the issues that trouble you for they are way markers pointing to an imprint and a lesson to be learnt. Then open your heart and hold the intention of receiving the love that will heal them, look at everything that has occurred in your life as a positive and you will be well on the way to releasing them. Alternatively, you can kick back and live with the issues, the pain and the patterns – blame everyone else for your misfortunes and do it all again in the next lifetime! (I know that’s not your route by the way!)

So Lyndsey – I hope you weren’t expecting a one line answer! Thanks for the question – it’s one of my favourite subjects and I do my best to help anyone who comes to a seminar or workshop to clear these pesky imprints!

Anne x


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