Living in the Past

If we have had situations in the past that made us incredibly happy or incredibly sad, we can be drawn back to these times over and over again. If you are finding it difficult to live in the now, you will find many ways to help you heal the past, detach from it and move forward to being present.

Recorded Healing Sessions

  • Connect Create and Balance
  • Healing Loneliness, Isolation and the Wounds of Rejection
  • Healing Rejection
  • Connecting to Planet Spirit

All available on my Youtube Channel.

Recorded Meditations

  • Connect to the Energy Flow of The Universe
  • Night Time Ritual
  • Power to Your Higher Self
  • Meet Your Guardian Angel
  • Pluto Energies & New Beginnings

All available on my Youtube Channel.

Online eCourses

  • Symbol Healing for the Heart and Soul
  • Healing Negative Energies

All available in my Shop.

Books & CD’s


Youtube Videos

Morning Ritual
Letting Go the Past
Connect to Divine Energy
Connecting to your Higher Self

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