Love and Hate

Hi Anne,

How can we feel the love for some, when we most of all want to kill that person?


love-hateDear Tove,

The word love is really overused – simply as it has to cover all number of situations and feelings. We love our dogs, our house, our job and icecream! See what I mean? I think trying to love someone who has really hurt you or someone you care for is a big ask. But I would suggest you accept them – accept them for who they are on their journey. We have all had lives where we have done things we later regret, some lives where we have walked on the dark side. We all need these experiences in order for us to grow spiritually and to understand when others do evil things. Holding strong feelings of hate towards someone does you more harm than them. It changes your vibrations and resonance and will attract the negative situations and people who you wish to avoid. So I suggest you work on acceptance. This energy has no strings and is open handed. This will make you feel much better and will not connect you with cords of negative energy to the other person.

Go well, much love and a big hug

Anne x

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