Meditation and Symbols

meditationzDear Anne,

I’ve just finished one of your books – Heal Yourself – which I bought a few years ago. Im not sure why I bought it then. Until the last few days when I finally started to read it – it has been on my bookshelf for years and i have never opened it before!

First of all, I must give you the credit for such an amazing book! It does help me to see my life in a different perspective – perspective of love! Thank you!

This few years I’ve started to find my life purpose. I believe that there is no coincidence that I bought your book years ago.

However, deep in my heart I still feel this emptiness – hard for me to describe. I’ve been through a lot, sometimes there is so many emotions and im not sure what to feel. Love, fear, angry, empty, grateful all circling in my chest. But in the middle of these emotions, there is peace and compassion.

I have some questions to ask if you dont mind. These are the questions;

  1. I still cant truly understand how can the symbols in your book help in doing the exercises. I’d appreciate if you can discuss a little more about it.
  2. Often when i meditate there will be a point where I felt a great fear kicking in which forced me to open my eyes and come back to the room and I dont know why. Is something wrong with me?
  3. How can i get in touch with representatives in my country? I live about 20 mins from Kuala Lumpur.

I appreciate for your time reading my email. I thank you for everything and the love you shared. Take care!

Ridzuan – Malaysia.

Dear Ridzuan

So so sorry for the long delay in responding to your mail. My mother died this summer and my life has been disturbed since then.

Thank you for reading my book, bless you and here are the answers to your questions.

  1. The symbols invoke (bring in) pure energies of love from the universe, and these will enhance your own energy which is why they are used in the exercises. Some give you more power and strength, some heal by transforming negative energies and some have other uses. You can do the exercises without the symbols if you wish.
  2. Many people have this fear when they meditate – when you go into meditation you allow yourself to release and this in itself causes anxiety for those who wish to stay strongly in control. I suggest you always protect and seal your energy before you start by visualising yourself surrounded by white light and say out loud “my energy is sealed and only positive energies can come through to me”.
  3. I work through The Violet Flame in Bangsar when I am in KL. They have my books etc. I have also added you to my newsletter database so that you get updates on my work which is now going to be online and you can do workshops either online or download them afterwards.

Love and blessings to you

Anne x


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