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Hi Anne, I am going through a divorce and am struggling to move forward. I am trying to look for a job but haven’t been successful yet. Am I looking in the right place? I feel that without an income I cant put my house on market and settle things with my ex an thus move forward.
Any advice would be appreciated.


When we leave a relationship whether willingly or not there is a lot more to work on than just the splitting up of the family home and possessions. Firstly there is the grief – and this should not be underestimated. There is disappointment and the loss of the dream, the vision of happiness and togetherness that you once held – losing that in itself is upsetting and causes grief. Then there is the loss of a companion, someone to share the difficult times and to share the fun. Also there is the loss of love and tenderness, kindness and caring that we find in a close relationship. Finally, your way of life and home has probably gone or been disrupted too. So there is a lot of grief to cope with and its important to give yourself time for this. When someone we love dies we know it takes a year before the raw pain will go and no one would expect otherwise. So the same is true of a partner leaving a marriage. Cut yourself some slack and give yourself some time. If you feel like crying and feeling sorry for yourself – just do so! In today’s world there is a lot of “getting on with it”, “moving on” and putting on a brave face but you must allow yourself to cry out and express your pain too.

Letting go the cords
I suspect you haven’t been able to sell your house because you are still holding onto the relationship energy. Maybe you need more time or maybe you need to acknowledge fully that its over. You might like to try writing down your feelings as a way to speed up the clearing of the anger, pain etc of the break up and even the lead up to the break. Write it all down and then burn it. Then write a
kind letter of farewell to your ex and either send it or burn it depending on your circumstances, because any residual anger towards him will also be a cord that binds you.

Then you can go through the process of cutting the cords with him and also to the house. Tie two threads around your wrist one to represent your cord attachment to him and one to your home. Then take scissors and cut through each as you say “I release myself from the cord that ties me to this house/man”. I have recorded this meditation and you will find it on YouTube and also in my
Healing E-course on

You will need to heal any sense of low self-esteem that you may have taken from the marriage. My book Heal Yourself has a lot about this type of emotional healing and there are a number of YouTube on AnneJonesHealer account to help with this.

Visualisation to attract work
Put your hands together in front of your chest. Your hands now represent the doors of your heart.

Slowly open them as you set your intention of opening your heart.

If you can, visualise a door opening and see your heart light flowing out towards a new job.

Say out loud “I am open and ready to seize the opportunity of work” say this three times.

See a shower of gold coins falling into your lap – you are this way opening to the possibility of money coming to you!

Good luck and love Anne xxxx


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