My Challenging Niece

Hi Anne,

My husband and I were away overseas for his birthday and I received a text message from his niece to wish him happy birthday as she had apparently lost his number. I just mentioned it to him but I did not reply to her text for obvious reasons. Which is she suffers from some form of mental disorder and has been a trouble maker.
A few days later I had a vision (or was it a dream), it was a short vision and it was in the early hours of the morning. I saw her and her boyfriend in my vision visiting a bomoh to check on my husband (her uncle) as she wants him to remember her and respond to her. However, I was near there sleeping and saw what was going on and pretended to sleep but the bomoh told her that I knew they were visiting him. I woke up after that and related to him on what I saw.

Later that day he caught a bug and was not well but has since recovered. Was she trying something?


Visions or dreams can be sending us messages or prophecies. Your husband’s niece may have been visiting the bomoh (a Malaysian medicine man/healer) or she may have just been thinking of doing something and you may have picked up her thoughts as you are nervous of her and her intentions. In either case your own psychic abilities are improving! Both of you need to use a protective shield daily if you feel concerned about your niece. There is one thought I had, that by ignoring the text you could be getting her upset and angry and generally what we resist or push away comes back to us more strongly. Maybe a short text just acknowledging her message could calm the situation.

As a shield you can use the Blue Flame of Archangel Michael or check out a number of methods of sealing and protecting your energy in my little book Protect Yourself.
Love and blessings

Anne x

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