Nature Spirit Energies can affect you

nature-spirit-energiesWhen things go wrong in our lives and we feel down, depressed and under par you may first look inside yourself to see if it’s something you have done. Then you look to see if anyone around you is affecting you. Then maybe you consider the state of the planets and see how they may be affecting you. At the moment there are massive planetary energies that are affecting most of us – I keep crying for no apparent reason and have a strong sense of change and shift around me. The planets and their movements are not in my area of expertise but you might like to take a look at the astrological readings of the moment – I would advise you not to get sucked into the doomsday YouTubes though!

Another reason why you may find your energies affected is the state of the Earth energies where you work or live. This is quite a big subject and one I deal with in my course Healing Negative Energies. The earth may be disturbed by earthworks, ley lines, underground streams etc. But occasionally the problem comes from the beings, the spirits that live in the Earth and around you. I had a request recently to help a lady whose father lived in such a situation. Below is my response. The Pan who I refer to is the “King” or master of earth spirits which include all the fairy kingdom, the elves etc (all having different names depending on culture and country) which are real as well as figuring largely in such books as Lord of the Rings! They are not necessarily malevolent but they can feel very grumpy when they are not given respect. This links to the respect we need to give nature and our environment generally. It would be helpful to include these spirits in your prayers and when you send out love and light to the world. Always include all the spirits of nature – they will truly appreciate it. They are particularly affected by conflict situations so include them in Peace Prayers too.

Hi Anne Jones
I was wondering if there is any possibility to to close a a portal? There is a portal in the area where my father lives, and there is a lot of negativity affecting the block that he lives in. It is so difficult for me to stay at my father`s apartment as I feel a lot of negativity (I´m an empath), and It affects both my father, brother and sister-in-law who lives there. I talked to a psychic here in Norway, and she told me the whole block is affected. If I visit my father it follows me to back to my own apartment in Oslo and I have to cleanse myself and my home. And if my father comes to visit me I can feel a lot of negative presence around him. My dad has been living in this place for over 30 years and we have tried a lot. I also got Debbie Rye to dowse and cleanse the area, but it seems to come back. They want to move to another place but at the same time we don`t want the new owners to go through what we have gone through living in this apartment/area. My dad has been living there for over 30 years, and we are a bit afraid that it will hinder us from selling the apartment.

Dear Nivethitha
Rather than try and close the portal myself I have focused on healing the energies that are coming through the portal. The portal is a connection that has been made between two energies – the energy of the land and building (the people are affected by this connection). Once the intention behind the disturbance of the above ground energies has been cleared then all should be well.

I sensed that the problem lies in the Earth – it felt like the area was affected by negative earth spirits and beings. I have connected with Pan and he said these beings needed respect and I have sent this to them asking for them to clear the area and close the negative connection with the apartment block area. I have cleared the karma of the area too. Feels like something quite bad happened there some time ago – probably before the block was built. I have sent light and healing into the earth too.

I suggest you sent light to the place and light a candle in your father’s apartment and ask that the spirits of the land leave everyone and the place in peace and bring light to the area.

Sending you love and big hugs and love to your father too.

Bless you Anne xxxxx

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