Negative Energy in the Office

I have a person I work alongside who has a dark negative energy, how do I stop it effecting me x


You will need to put yourself in an energy bubble, a protective shield. There are several ways you can do this including calling in Archangel Michael’s Blue Flame Energy shield or visualising yourself stepping into a large egg that has a thick shell so that the persons thoughts and attitudes and general negative energy will bounce off the outside. I have written a small book that you can download Protect Yourself by Anne Jones on and this book has lots of protection options including a powerful symbol. Also in my shop there is an e-book with videos and graphics showing you how to manage the energies around you.

Also I find sending out my own positive vibes by thinking positive thoughts about a troublesome person rather than being critical or judgemental, works well too.

Big hugs and lots of love

Anne xxx


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