Negative karma and past influences Part 2

Hi Anne

gratitude-300x200I have just been reading your blog Negative karma and past influences and the question section and want you to know it is fantastic. I have a question I would like to ask if that is ok. Several years ago I had a terrible time which I think was very karmic and I learnt many lessons. An employment opportunity has now arisen that I think I would like to pursue, but it is linked to some of the people who were around when I had my terrible time. So what I want to ask is, should I pursue it? Do we sometimes have to go backwards to heal in order to move forwards again? This has been in my mind a lot of late because I am struggling to find life path and I am wondering if there is something I need to heal before I find my true path.

Thank you

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog.

Karma can lead to feeling guilty or resentment depending on whether you feel that you have wronged someone or they have hurt you. Either way the emotion will sit within you until forgiveness is shared or you accept the past as an experience and let the emotions go. If the emotions are still with you then they sit within your spirit and act like dark holes, magnets that attract further negative situations or people, so they need to be healed and the emotions released both from your heart and your mind. The feeling you still hold can be anger, guilt or fear or rejection, fear of abuse, fear of a repeat of the experience etc.

There are several ways to heal negative imprints/magnets and it would seem you have been presented with one of the best ways and that is to face your fears and step bravely towards the negativity of your past. There is no coincidence that you have been offered this job as the universe and your guidance will want you to clear the past so that you can move on and will have created this opportunity for you.

If guilt is part of your problem, then that will act as a barrier to your own personal fulfillment and happiness for guilt will close your heart and damage self-esteem and confidence. Fears are limiting and facing your fears is by far the most effective way to overcome them.

So by all means take this chance to heal and clear your past so that you can move on. It would help you if you wrote down all your feelings about the past experience and any emotions that you can feel, even if it’s rude and offensive! Then burn the paper and as you do set the intention that you are letting go these feelings for ever. Visualise yourself cutting all cords that are not of love and respect for yourself and the other people involved. Also set the intention that all judgment will go up in the flames of your writing.

So good luck with the new job – you will do well and it will certainly be a chance of growth and development for you. Love and hugs Anne xxx


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