Negative karma and past influences

past-influences-300x186Hi Dear Anne, First of all, I want you to thank you for your latest video, I’m sure it helped a lot for the girl who wrote the letter, but it helped me a lot and my mum too; your energy is so beautiful and so intense, I watched it with my mum and we felt it very much! Every day we follow your steps and things get better! I also followed your advice regarding the implants, the bad magnets, and the “hooks” that my “dad” throws at me and my mum, and we repeat the cutting every time is needed with Archangel Michael.
Today I’d like to ask you about a very difficult matter; my “dad” in a past life was like a necromancer and tried to kill me and my mum multiple times and used dark rituals; in this life he’s trying to destroy us and during the week he “hooks” and brings in very huge demonic entities that Angels and Archangels deal with every week to protect us. The problem here is that when me and my mum try to move forward, every time something happens to pull us back. And it’s his intention that make it happen. He doesn’t want my mum to go swimming, and she started having panic attacks in the pool. He tries also to block me from going to the gym, my passion, and sometime I have unnatural fears that prevent me from going, or I experience an unbalanced huge sense of laziness that it’s not mine (I suffered from panic attacks last year too).

Luckily he’s working during week and return on weekend, but it’s an energetic fight every time. My mum was trying to win at lottery to go out to this situation, but for example he spied that, and said he wanted to go for lottery too, my mum guessed 3 numbers worth 1500 euro, but the route (don’t know how it is called in English) was wrong, and this happens so often it’s very odd! Also he copied my hobby, playing computer games, and since he started, I can’t reach the top rankings like I could in the past and very dark energy comes to my pc when he’s using his one too. And with dark, I mean very demonic! And I have to cleanse my room every time and call the archangels to help me. Since the cords are cut every time, the entities are defeated by angels and archangels.

My mum and my Manipura chakra are very cleansed and strong (I thought it was the centre where will power defends you against others’), why his will is still strong over us , and not only his, but also other people’s? Every time we try to succeed in something his intention pulls us back, in little things and big things, very sadly.

P.S. my mum asked for a divorce last year and hopefully this April all the paper will be official ( so many “strange” delays and lawyers who changed mind like mind controlled , it was very disturbing) My apologies for my English errors, but I very felt to ask you your opinion about this matter, since your advices, even the little ones, made a huge difference in my life. Thank you Anne for everything , big hugs and love and blessings!

I am delighted that the videos and healing have been of help to you and your mother – bless you both. It would seem that your father has a very powerful hold over you both and a strong will to dominate you. You have done very well to keep these energies at a distance for they could be far more harmful if you didn’t keep connecting to the light.

Karma and karmic vows
I can feel a strong negative karma between you and your father and this needs to be cleared. This karma could come from a number of issues and related experiences with your father at soul level in past lives. There are two most common strong bonds that bind us in a negative state to another. One is making a vow or promise/contract with another soul. You may well have agreed to be subservient to your father’s wishes and will.

Clear vows/promises/contracts
To clear this vow you need to say out loud four times “I release and dissolve all vows, promises and contracts that connect me to my father in a negative vibration”. Then sweep the energies around you way with your hands.
The second way is through “unfinished business” where you have harmed him in the past and he is “getting his revenge” this lifetime. Your own guilt will be the connecting force here and you can clear this by using the healing session in this video:

Curse and spell energy & Cutting the Cords
If your father is using black energies as you suspect then continue to use the session for curse clearing.

You would do well to also cut all negative cords that bind you to your father. Here is the process for cutting cords:

  • Firstly set your intention to release yourself from his power – you can do this by writing down your intention in your own language and then saying it out loud four times to send out a positive confirmation of your intentions.
  • Then write down all your feelings about the way he has treated you and your mother. No one will read this so you can really let yourself go with this.
  • Burn this writing and as you do again intend that all these feelings and emotions are leaving you for good, never to return. See the flame of the fire as a transformation of the negative feelings so that you are no longer tied to your father by anger, fear or any other negative emotions.
  • Then tie a thread around your wrist to symbolise the hold he has over you and say out loud “I release and let go all negative cords and bonds from my father now, right now, right now”

Strengthening your Personal Power
Of course, your mother can also use all these steps! Another area that you may like to work on is your Solar Plexus centre (you mentioned you are already cleansing this). I have recorded a number of mediations and healing sessions on empowering your will on the CD The Power of You link and the book The Power of You (e-book available from Amazon) has lots of ways to make your will stronger.

Soul Retrieval
As your father may have actually taken some hold on your sense of will that is part of your soul I think it would be helpful for you to do the healing session on Soul Retrieval that I have recently recorded (link)

Sending you and your mother strength and love – be strong, be bold and be in love.

Big hugs Anne xxxx


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