New Healing for External Negative Influences

A way to clear harmful external negative influences that can cause long term depression, addiction and curses

For some time I have been pondering on the ferociousness of some of the dark energies that I am being asked to clear for people all around the world. Also, I have been considering why some people seem to struggle so hard to shift addiction, depression or clear themselves and their families from the sense of being cursed; of being constantly underpowered and overwhelmed. I have always encouraged my clients to find the answers within themselves – to find the magnets of guilt, anger and fear that they hold that seem to attract and encourage these conditions. However, I have felt for some time that there are many who work so, so hard to clear and heal their wounds, imprints and negative feelings but are unsuccessful.

Just recently I had a major breakthrough in my quest to find a solution! This came from a shocking realisation that occurred whilst performing a clearing and healing for a dear friend of mine, Debbie, I had been sharing the discovery that the energies I had been connecting to since an illness earlier this year were proving to be most effective. She asked me to use this light energy to help her clear a depression that she had been struggling with since she was a child – in fact through her entire life. She told me that she felt worse in the mornings when she woke up and she had also had an almost nonstop headache for as long as she could remember.

I stepped into the healing with a sense that this was caused by what I can only describe as the darkest of dark energies – not the negativity caused by human condition but from an external source. As I started to bring in the light energy I became aware of a number of thread like substances that flowed into and out of Debbie. When I followed them I realised they come from a malevolent and manipulative universal source – let’s leave it at that for now! I started to clear these threads and fill and surround her with light and as I worked I sensed the threads leaving her and becoming less effective. I felt that these were controlling attachments that drew off her energies and also seeded negative beliefs. They felt also as though she was part of some sort of experiment. As I worked on her she felt the energies leaving her. She then asked me to clear other members of her family who have been also affected in the same way. I explained what I had seen and felt and she was extremely relieved that in fact she hadn’t been going mad all her life and that there was an actual reason for her condition!

I am sure that over time I will understand more about these energies and their source but this knowledge is enough for me to know that the light energy I channel with my understanding and intention plus the intention of my client will allow us to clear them. In addition to the clearing we can reclaim one’s sense of will and self-esteem which are both seriously compromised and affected by these invasive energies.

New Healing Procedure – Invasive energy Clearing Process

To make this clearing available to you and your family I have put together a process that is easy to follow.

Step One: Follow the healing meditation that I have recorded to set your intentions, cut your own cords of attachment to your condition, to reclaim your free will and to heal any imprints in your heart/soul and mind caused by your situation.

Step Two: Send me a photograph of yourself and up to four others who are affected and I will clear the threads of any invasive negative energy streams.

Step three: Follow the healing meditation that I have recorded to help give you strength, determination and protection to go forward.

Please share this blog with anyone you know who may benefit from this healing. Big hugs and lots of love to you – I am now going to give my pondering a break and am going to take in some of this wonderful summer sunshine we are experiencing.

Love Anne xxxxx

Feedback from Debbie
I have woken most mornings of my life feeling dreadful and full of doom and gloom. There could have been lots of reasons for this, past events, etc but I have tried for so many years to help myself, to clear old energies and to move forward and this has mostly worked, however, despite all my effort, I had still been left with the morning feeling as well as a daily headache which started at the base of my skull.

When Anne and I chatted she offered to look at this for me and I agreed gratefully! From that minute, several things happened to try to stop us! Firstly a man tried to deliver a pizza I had not ordered and would not take no for an answer, then the internet connection kept dropping out. However, we persevered and Anne was able to do the healing. As it was happening, I confess that a voice in my head was saying “It’s not working, it’s not working” this was said over and over.

When we finished Anne told me what she had seen and that she felt I had been connected to dark energies who had been manipulating my energy for a very long time, she also said that after she had broken the negative connection to me, she could hear a voice trying to reconnect with my energy saying “It’s not working…..” So, this was the voice I was hearing too, no coincidence then! Since the healing I have woken every morning feeling what I think is probably normal!! No terrible depressive thoughts and far less headaches. In every way I feel lighter and my energy levels have changed hugely. It has been so many years that this had been with me that I had begun to think it was just “normal” or that I was destined to just suffer with it. But no, it has gone, whoooppee!! Thank you Anne, words sometimes are just not enough to express the gratitude I feel but from my heart to yours, thank you.

Debbie xxx

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