How to Open Your Third Eye

Hi Anne,

Please help me. I am willing to do healing and open my third eye.


Dear Kalyani,

I don’t think there is anyone who has started to develop their spiritual awareness who has not at some time asked the question “how do I open my third eye”. This is the chakra that works with our abilities to connect to the unseen word of spirit through inner hearing – clairaudience, inner seeing – clairvoyance and inner sensing (feeling) – clairsentience. By inner I mean seeing without using our physical senses or our ears, eyes and touch. Instead we use our spiritual senses. To do this we need to firstly accept the power of our spirit. This can be hard as we live in a very material and form related world and in general life there is little attention giving to our spiritual senses – in fact up until recently intuition (gut feel) and just knowing have been dismissed especially in the world of business.

Activate with Healing Energies

By directing a flow of positive energy to the chakra you will help to clear any blocks and you will be setting the intention of this opening – of activating your spiritual senses. If you are a Reiki practitioner you can use the Reiki energies otherwise you can use the Healing Symbol see below – by drawing this in the air three times you will invoke the universal energies of love and healing that will then flow through your hands. Hold your dominant hand (the one you use most) in front of your third eye (middle of your forehead) and let the energies flow in.

Activate through meditation

I have a meditation that activates all your chakras and you may like to use this too.



Through Your Higher Self

Your chakra actually connects to the cord that connects your heart chakra to your higher self which is your spiritual essence. See the diagram below:




Your higher self can and does connect to the world of spirit as it is the same energy vibration and operates at this level – not the denser level that we use for our physical senses. So the most effective way for you to develop your psychic powers is to connect to your Higher Self and allow for a clear open pathway. Here is a meditation which will help you to make this connection.


I also suggest you do the Morning Ritual – on my YouTube account annejoneshealer – and this will reinforce your connection.



Online workshop to clear the heart/third eye link

Later this year I will be giving a webinar – online seminar which will help you heal any blocks between your heart and your third eye and your psychic abilities. If you sign up for my newsletter you will be notified when this is available.

Good luck with your practise Kalyani and thank you for your question.

Love and hugs Anne x


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