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Discovering the hidden aspects of your Heart

For some years I have been working with a concept of healing which I call Heart Spheres. I discovered the heart spheres which are similar to chambers one day when in Oslo, Norway. I was working on a healing session with a therapist who had been to me a few times before. For this session she was asking me to open her third eye so that she could improve her inner sight and psychic powers. She explained that she felt that her third eye (chakra) was blocked and needed some healing and clearing. So I followed my head (haha – wrong start) and focused channelling and clearing her third eye chakra in her forehead. But I felt nothing; I couldn’t get any response whatsoever. So I then did what I should have done in the first place, which is to ask for guidance to the cause of her block.

I was directed to her heart centre and here I was shown a chamber of her heart that I had not known existed before and that is the chamber that interacts with psychic powers. If this heart chamber is blocked, closed down or damaged in any way it has impact on the ability to use one’s inner psychic senses of clairvoyance (sight), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling) and claircognisence (knowing) – in other words the ability to see, hear, feel and know what is beyond the physical senses.

I told her what was happening and as I shared my insight with her, we both got a big whoosh of understanding and knowing that this was the true source of her problem. I then looked into the chamber and picked up that she had been tortured and persecuted for her use of these abilities in a previous lifetime and she had made a vow to herself never to use, develop or share them ever again. We cleared the vow and then transformed the imprints – the memories of the ghastly treatment she had experienced. We also let down the barriers she had put up around that part of her heart. We both got blown away by the whooshes of the shift – hurray success.

After her session I sat quietly and absorbed what had happened and realised that the heart centre has many chambers that deal with different aspects of our lives. Each one sits around the core heart centre which is pure light and love – the same spiritual energy and vibration of our higher self. This core of our heart links to our higher self with an etheric cord and is the way we communicate with our higher knowledge, our intuition and our plan for this lifetime. These realisations hit me with a huge sense of relief and WOW!!! I real OMG moment.

I started to use this new knowledge for all subsequent healings and I found I had so much more success as I cleared and healed the heart and allowed my clients to shine their inner light out through the different aspects of their lives. I have so far identified 16 different aspects of our lives that are affected by these chambers. I have called the chambers spheres as they are shown to me as circles – like orbs, and they affect different spheres of living.

I soon realised that it’s not the heart I am healing its aspects of our lives, but for us to heal our lives we need to heal our hearts to enable us to open up and give and receive love and to shine our light into everything we are, we do and we feel; a way of allowing our spiritual selves to interact fully and harmoniously with our physical and mental selves. It’s truly the most exciting discovery I have had in the twenty years that I have been a healer – a really whoop whoop time for me and great to share.

In my latest retreat I used the Spheres as the focus for our healing and we worked our way through every aspect. I am also healing the spheres on a monthly basis through the on-line webinars and podcasts.

Hopefully you will join me on my monthly sessions – there are podcasts available of past sessions so you can work your way through your entire life releasing all the barriers and blocks and healing the old hurtful memories that need to turn into some form of understanding and growth.

Big hugs and lots of love
Anne xxxx

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