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Dear Anne,

Firstly, thank you so much for the wonderful advice I’ve received from your YouTube videos. They’ve really helped!
I have a question for which I’m hoping you might be able to direct me to one of your videos for, one of your books or blogposts, or perhaps even answer here.

I’ve started a new life in a large city quite recently and find it hard to make new friends and acquaintances; it’s the type of city where people avert their eyes down as you pass by them on the street in a kind of stony isolation. This is typical of many big cities, of course and I don’t blame anyone. Being around so many people’s energies constantly can be jarring. I confess, I’m just as guilty of averting my eyes too and seeking isolation.

Being an introverted but also shy person myself doesn’t make it easier when I finally do have the energy to reach out and make friends. I feel quite a bit of fear and apprehension.
Do you have any advice about transmuting this fear, opening the heart (while being protected) and encouraging others to feel safe around me and open to make contact and talk?
I hopefully want to find a partner too, and I feel that dealing with this fear of reaching out beyond myself must be changed, as well as changing my energy regarding seeming approachable by others.

I’d be so grateful for any advice you have, Anne.


Dear Siro,

Firstly sorry for the delay in responding to your letter. I have been travelling.

Your situation is challenging and is one that is shared by many people moving into cities and any new community. As you say you need to be able be open hearted but at the same time protect your energies so that you feel secure enough to relax in other people’s company without being affected by their emotions and feelings. Our state of being is very determined by our intention – and the trick is to keep that stronger than the natural anxiety of being rejected by people we don’t know. So I find it helpful to reinforce that intention on a daily basis. So every morning in the shower you need to do three things:

    • Call in your protective cover. My favourite is Archangel Michael. “I call in Archangel Michael’s cloak of the blue flame to seal and protect my aura, only positive energies can come through” This is a strong and positive affirming statement of intent. If you feel wobbly at any time of the day you can also step into an egg of sealing energy knowing the shell of the egg is strong and only allows love or uplifting energies to come through. This will hold you clear of the thought-energy and emotions of the people you meet.
    • Next you need the intention to open your heart. A good way to show your intention is to put your hands together in front of your heart chakra (middle of your chest) as in prayer then open them wide and say “I open my heart to receive love and positive situations and people”
    • Thirdly it’s a good idea to reconnect to your higher self, your intuition comes from this and it also holds your life purpose. So clasping your hands together bring them up in three stages starting at your heart centre and ending up above your head. Say out loud “I reconnecting my heart, my soul and my higher self” (I will do a YouTube for this soon, if you subscribe to my YouTube account you will get this)

All of these benefit from being repeated two more times.

There are youtubes for heart opening and healing and I have a published book available on Amazon UK or my website Open Your Heart with lots of exercises and meditations. The meditations are recorded on CD and will be available on Amazon and I Tunes any day now!

Good luck and whenever I have been short of friends – I have often lived in new places – I join a class to learn something that I’ll enjoy, its less scary than joining a club! Evening classes are good or even some spiritual workshops where you are encouraged to join in and meet up with people. Lots of people have found friendships through my retreats and workshops that have lasted years.

Good luck and lots of love and big hugs.

Anne x

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