Physical Effects of Negative Entities

Hi Anne,
I have a sister who is staying in Kuala Lumpur and now is very sick. She has being in and out the hospital but in vain.Doctor says nothing wrong with her. Her stomach is swollen like a nine months pregnant, face and legs also swell.

She stayed with me for a week and I saw how she suffered, my heart really ache to see how she cry in pain. Anne please send light to her, I know you can help. I have attended your classes when you were in Ipoh many years ago.

Regards Jackie

Dear Jackie,

As you receive this mail think of your sister – hold her photo or hold an image of her in your mind.

I surround you and her with the blue flame of Archangel Michael, I touch her heart with my heart.
See her heart opening to receive love and healing
I call in for her the energies of love and healing that she needs at this time
I clear and dissolve into light and wisdom all negative energies that she has created.
I send all negative energies to the light that have affected her or are attached to her – now right, now right now.
I request her physical spirit releases all toxic and negative energies – now right now.
I send the energies of love and healing to the imprint that has attracted this situation – healing it right now. right now.
Filling her heart and soul with love.

Blessings to her and you
Big hug for you both.

Anne x

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