Physical psychic attacks at night


I am a 38 year old male. I have been suffering from the following problems for last 15 years.
Whenever I sleep, an unknown body comes and attacks me, I scream a lot but nobody listens to me, I feel someone is hugging me, my legs, arms or whole body jerk the moment I fall into sleep. It happens with me from time to time for last 15 years

  • I have some health problems since that, my digestive system is almost worst, I can’t pass full stool, and feel always pain in the left side of lower part of belly
  • I have taken medicine which works at the beginning then starts giving me more problems
  • Doctors are unable to detect and diagnose feeling pain in stomach and loss of appetite, Medicines do not work even twice the doctors have operated but they find no evidence of stomach pain.
  • Dreaming of Dirty Places, Shit, Toilet, Urine
  • loss of sexual drive
  • Change in Complexion; becoming darker day by day
  • Lack of interest in life and at work
  • the whole body is in pain.
  • the whole body remains hot
  • fast heat beats.
  • feeling tired without any reason
  • body feels weak for no reason
  • Career problems, and in my social life people avoid me from being friend

I will be highly thankful if you kindly do something to get me out of such situation, I am married, having 2 kids but I have even no interest in wife and my family and my marital life is too much affected, Please do something for me.

I keenly wait for your reply.

Dear H,

Thank you for your letter and I am sorry you have been suffering for so long with this problem, bless you. I have come across this physical psychic attack before and I think it is likely that it is experienced more widely than normally accepted as people are often reluctant to share this problem. It can often take the form of a sexual attack and is most distressing. Your physical problems are most likely also as a result of this energy and it will affect you mentally as well. All your symptoms are in line with long term psychic attack.

You don’t mention what may have started this but it could be a curse set on you by a business competitor or a jealous family member. However, wherever it comes from the important thing is to hold your own intention to clear this and to protect yourself on a daily basis. See the video of a morning ritual that sets up for the day protected, open-hearted and balanced. There is a similar process that you can do at night before you go to sleep, placing yourself in a golden pyramid.

I send you love and blessings
Anne x

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