Problem With My Mum

Hi Anne xx

First of all thank you so much for the magical healing moment I shared with you and the group the other night!!!

Basically my mum and I have a turbulent relationship, I am living with her at the moment. She is a bit negative (even though she doesn’t see or think that she is) – She has a bad right eye and has been to hospital, it’s called wet eye.Although serious I think she will get better!!!

But it’s hard to stay positive for her and me as a person with her bad attitude, tomorrow she is seeing a homeopath.

Anyway, I’ve kind of been brought up by guilt a bit.I’m no angel either but I’m at a point in my life where everything could change for me (A job in TV) I have a good chance but I need to keep positive and have my confidence as well as geeky brain power to prove that I am what they are looking for!

Basically how can I stay afloat, help my mum and not be brought down by it!?!?! Her not the situation

Hope this wasn’t to heavy – Would love some advice if possible!

Feeling fantastic and I want to stay this way so I can spread the LOVE xx

Bless you. This is a problem a lot of people have, especially if they are sensitive to other people’s energies. It’s easy to be brought down living with someone who is depressed, pessimistic, sick or mentally ill. I have three main points of advice.

  • Seal and protect your energies on a regular basis (at least twice a day).There are a number of suggestions for this in my book Protect Yourself which you can buy from my website or an e version from By sealing your energies with visualisation or even saying out loud “I am protected by the blue flame of Archangel Michael” you are setting out an intention and connecting to firstly your own will and strength and also to Spirit to help. This also puts a barrier between you and Mum and a boundary for yourself. Love still flows both ways so it can only improve your relationship.
  • Guilt weakens and makes us feel that we deserve bad luck, that we should carry and rescue other people or it can make us feel like a victim. None of which is great for a happy and fulfilling life! So I suggest you watch my karmic clearing video on youtube. Know that you are leaving your past behind, taking the experiences (even those choices you made that didn’t prove to be helpful to you) and you are learning from everything that has happened. Then see yourself moving forward with these experiences as assets, as benefits. Physically sweep your shoulders and sweep away the burdens of guilt and regret from the past and throw them into the sea (good to do on the beach in the wind!)
  • Finally draw write and visualise yourself working with the TV (if that is your preference) . I have a blog/question response on manifesting – its important not to get caught up in yearning for the result so just let it go – also on the beach perhaps!
    Bless you and good luck as you take your life in your own hands, stand strong and move forward with the past being a positive asset for your bright and shining future. See you on the TV!!!

Love and big hugs

Anne x

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