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controllingDear Anne

I’m a relationship at the moment but I have had several spirit readings and they have come out telling me that my partner’s mother is controlling him and me in every way possible through sending bad energies to make our relationship fail. She has put bad luck on me and a black energy so that no good will come my way. My partner does not believe his mother is harming us.

My partner doesn’t like staying at home and this was the same when he lived here with his previous partner as his mother didn’t like her either so he ended that relationship. As with his ex, we fight and the atmosphere is bad. His mother is controlling and he is scared to move away as he thinks she will put a curse on him.

His brother that he works for is also trying his best to break us up. He sends him away to work, tries to get him involved with another woman and tells him not to bother with me at Christmas and special occasions – if he does he will be punished by the brother or the mother.

We clear our house which is full of negativity with sage and open the windows but the energies come back. My partner really wants to love me but his mother and brother are doing their best to prevent it. This has been going on for 6 years, is there any way to stop this woman continuing to affect us?

Bless you what a struggle for you! My suggestion is twofold.

Firstly you need to put yourself in a powerful protection from the effects of your partner’s mother. I have written a small book which gives you several ways – for the very dark energies I recommend Setrap Chen a Buddhist protector. In the book Protect Yourself you will find the mantra that will call in his protection. You can get the book from

Secondly, To clear the energies that she has placed on you and Gary I suggest you request a clearing from me through my shop. You will get a link to a preparatory recorded session and then send in your photo and I will do the clearing for you.

From a day to day point of view I suggest you keep yourself positive and avoid thinking or talking about her. This will prevent cords recurring as even thinking about her will allow her energies in. Unfortunately, we cannot change the way his mother affects your partner but you can change the way you manage the energies that affect you. See his mother in a beautiful place, send you good will and then let go. Take a step back from the situation and try to fill your time with pleasant things and focus on yourself and him in a positive way. She cannot harm you if you don’t let her energies in. I know that’s difficult but in the healing I will look to see if there is anything within you that is attracting this situation – some lesson to learn. Often it’s about keeping yourself strong and clear when other people around you are going through their own insecurities. She must be desperately worried that she will lose her son and is trying everything she can to keep him close.

Sending you lots of love and strength and I look forward to making our connection through your healing.

Love and hugs Anne xxx


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