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  • healing heart pendant

    Healing Heart Pendant

    The Healing Heart Pendant is designed to help heal heartache and the pain of separation and loss of love. A healed and open heart enables you to attract love into your life in many ways. Good for relationships and inner … Read More
  • healing symbol pendant

    Healing Symbol Pendant

    The Healing Symbol Pendant is designed to invoke the universal healing energies of love and compassion. These waves of energy are of the highest vibration and will assist you to raise your energies to release the scars and fears of … Read More
  • manifestation symbol pendant

    Manifestation Symbol Pendant

    We all have the ability to manifest or create what we need in life. However, we are normally sceptical of our abilities. The manifestation symbol pendant overrides these doubts and sends out the message to the universe of your intention. … Read More
  • Peace & Harmony Symbol Pendant

    The Peace & Harmony Symbol Pendant is designed to work to keep you in a state of peace and harmony. It reflects the image of a glowing candle flame, the universal representation of divine love. You can visualise the flame … Read More
  • protection symbol pendant

    Protection Symbol Pendant

    The Protection Symbol Pendant is a powerful symbol which is designed to be used to protect you from different forms of negative energy, including the jealous and aggressive thoughts of others. It is similar to the Eye of Horus, power … Read More