Manifestation Symbol Pendant


We all have the ability to manifest or create what we need in life. However, we are normally sceptical of our abilities. The manifestation symbol pendant overrides these doubts and sends out the message to the universe of your intention. Hold the pendant in your hand or trace the symbol while you visualise your dream, goal or need then leave the how and when to divine timing! Just be careful, be really sure about what your wish is!
The pendant contains golden citrine known as the merchant stone since ancient times which was used to bring abundance and prosperity. It can attract wealth and help preserve your finances. It can help to keep you calm and positive and can clear and negative energy in your aura.

40mm x 40mm
Smaller pendant also available
Manifest what you need in life
Send out your message to the universe
Sterling silver & Citrine
Abundance & Prosperity

Chain/Choker not included.

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