protection from bullies

Protection From Bullies

protection from bulliesDear Anne,

I wonder if you can give me some ideas of what I can do please.I work with a man who does everything he can to make my life a misery. He seems to set me up to make mistakes and a few times has humiliated me in front of colleagues. He is slightly senior to me and I do not feel able to tell my bosses in case I lose my job. I have tried to speak to this man privately to see what his issue is but he avoids being alone with me. Any ideas you have would be gratefully received, I dread going to work every day.

Kind regards


Dear Sam,

This is a form of bullying. He is using his position to keep himself immune. Firstly put yourself in energy protection so that his words bounce off and do not take them to heart. Imagine a large egg with thick walls and step into this. Do not respond in any way to anything he says – you can write out your feelings about him when you get home but don’t give him the satisfaction of showing you are upset. He obviously has issues of his own and feels insecure and needs to steal power from you.

Bless you,

Anne x

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