Protection in Hospital

protectionI recently had a letter from a client whose daughter was about to go into hospital for an operation, she was asking my advice on protection in hospital, how to clear the room, if she should use sea salt and what symbols she should use.

Protection in hospital is a very significant issue, I suggest you spray the room with our Clear and Cleanse room spray if you have it. You can use sea salt but if you want to clear the room of existing negativity you will need to sweep it energetically before she goes in. You can then repeat daily as this will absorb and clear any fears and anxieties she may have whilst she is there. If the hospital staff will allow it you could burn frankincense or healing_symbol-cardsage in the room as an incense stick, it’s unlikely they will allow you to smudge the room as this could set off smoke alarms! You could also put an amethyst crystal in the room as this aids healing – clean it before hand by soaking overnight in water with sea salt then putting in the sun to boost the energy.

You could put the healing symbol under her pillow or bed – you can draw this if they won’t allow the symbol pendant itself. Also protection would be good too and you can wear the peace and harmony to help keep you calm!

On the day of her operation I advise you to visualise her surrounded by white light and call in Archangel Michael to surround her with his blue flame of protection whilst she is actually in the operating theatre having her operation.

peace_and_harmony_symbol-cardIf you feel that you would like to explore different methods of healing and clearing negative energies then you could subscribe to my online workshops are there and are based on my work over the last 20 years. Healing Negative Energies would be helpful for you to discover more about clearing. The subscription is only small and the workshops all very detailed, there is the full Symbols workshop on there too.

Love and blessings

Anne x

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