Protection From Negative Vibes

Dear Anne,

Can you tell me please if wearing Black Tourmaline will help me escape negative vibes that the mother of my ex boyfriend has sent me for 7 years?
Also how is it best to wear? Ring, pendant or bracelet with the Black Tourmaline? Thanks and I await your reply


Dear Rory,

Black Tourmaline is a useful stone for putting a shield around the wearer – whether in a pendant or bracelet. It gives you protection and strengthens your aura. However, if you are under severe attack from your ex mother in law then you might like to try some stronger protection.

I have written a small book on protection – available from The book – Protect Yourself, has a mantra for calling in the
protection of Setrap Chen a Buddhist Dharma protector that has been used by the Dalai Lamma.

Also you can call in Archangel Michael to surround you with his Blue Flame protection. You need to do this protection – whichever one suits you – daily. I suggest you do these when you are under the shower as the negative energies cannot access you there under the running water.

Thank you for your mail and sending you love and protection right now.

Love and blessings

Anne xxx

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