Psychic Attack

psychic-attackHi Anne,
Good day to you. I just want to let you know that last night I watched your video on your morning ritual, how to seek protection and last night I had a nightmare.

In the dream, I dreamt my family and I were in a haunted service apartment and the doors took turns to open and closed by themselves. I asked Archangel Michael to protect me from negative energy. Thereafter, I took the courage to walk to the windows to open the curtains to let the light come in. Immediately, a voice sprung out from a nearby radio which said “I love you but going to kill you”. Upon hearing those words, I stopped opening the remaining curtains.

I developed a habit of seeking Archangel Michael’s help to protect my family member’s bodies and soul against anything negative and negative entities as we sleep. One night I was harassed by many spirits which prevented me to recite Quan Yin’s mantra. I saw two dark shadows were trying to turn my body to the left facing them which I always believe one must face their fears. But that night I was too tired, my husband could sense that I was being attacked kept waking me up to break out of dream state.

There were other times I had bad dreams and called out for Archangel Michael’s for help and the dream would stop immediately I wonder why nothing happened the last two times. Would you be able to explain as I’m feeling confused now.

Thanks for your patience in reading this long query. I hope to hear from you soon.


Dear Jade,

Your dream seems to me to show that you are actually a little afraid of the light. It feels as though the fear that set off the dream may be trying to surface to be healed. Your letter is timely as I am tonight giving a workshop on the way our mind reacts to fears that we hold deep inside. This feels to me that you are holding some dark and toxic energy in the form of old memories and/or emotions. These are so deep that you may not even realise that you still holding onto them. They can be from past life experiences but these will be replicated in this life time if they have not been resolved and are often found in childhood experiences which can be pushed down so that we can carry on and manage our lives. So you may not actually recall the cause of your deepest fear.

This doesn’t mean you have to have a witch hunt to see who harmed you but it does mean that you could allow yourself to heal any deep anxiety or pain locked in. Usually these scars from the past manifest as “issues” in your day to day life, for example the way your react to what people say, your reluctance to try certain new projects, your unexplained fear of certain situations. We often call these the buttons that people press as those closest to us are usually the ones that get close enough to bring these old emotions to the surface.

These imprints of hurtful memories that hold the fears act as magnets that open you up to the outside and the negative forces that prey on your fears and anxieties. This is the usual cause of psychic attack.

Here are some things you can do.

  • Hold the intention of healing these deep scars and look for ways to release suppressed memories and fears through healing. On my website  there are some free courses which cover healing and also clearing negative energies from yourself and your home.Clear your room everynight with a spray like our Cleanse and Clear (available from the shop on or you can make your own from a mix of water, Juniper, sage, peppermint and cedarwood essential oils.
  • Continue to protect yourself before you sleep. If you are beginning to doubt the power of Archangel Michael if your mind beginning to be affected by the attacks, then there are a number of other ways to protect yourself in my book Protect Yourself on Here is one:

Four Trees– powerful against psychic attack.

I used this when I was once chased through the streets of Hong Kong by a demonic energy that had attached to one of my clients! Visualise four large trees set around you. Then see gold chains wrapped around the trees; finally see a white light shining down onto you.

So Jade, I hope this helps. Its sometimes too difficult to give full answers to the dreams we have but usually we have an inner knowing of the cause. Look within and as you heal I am sure that these fears will leave you.

Good luck, big hugs and lots of love coming your way now.

Anne xxx

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  1. Hi Anne,
    I found your protection symbol (the pyramid) to be really useful which can be found in your book Healing Negative Energies. It is not only for protecting ourselves against psychic attack, but also for curses too, according to your book. I recommend anybody to use it.
    Thank you Anne.


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