A Question of Love Spells

love-spells-300x221Hello Ms. Jones,

I believe I was guided to your blog page and You Tube videos today. I have silently prayed for someone to help me in my spiritual journey for some time now (especially since my Mother’s death in 2008). This might sound strange but as soon as I heard your voice I heard “there she is”. I have a situation that I hope you can help me shed some light on. It concerns my oldest daughter. Several years ago my husband’s youngest brother died suddenly. He had one daughter and had adopted his wive’s nephew whose mother had died when he was very young. Anyway to cut a long story short my husband and I decided to informally adopt them . We became responsible for them financially and provided for their educational needs throughout high school, college and graduate school. We have four children of our own, three girls and a boy and they were thrilled to have an older brother and they all got along very well. We live in the United States of America and when my older daughter graduated from high school we paid for them to come to the states for the occasion. Everyone had a great time. After they returned to Ghana the young man wrote my daughter who was then 15 year of age an email stating that he wanted her to become his girlfriend and he had made sure that she would never look at another. This was strange and my daughter who related to him as an older brother brought the communication to our attention. We felt disturbed at this because maybe due to his culture the fact that we invited him may have been misunderstood and apologies were given and accepted all around. Life went on and my daughter has had many unexplained negative experiences since that time. For example in college she would make a number of cool friends and suddenly they would isolate her, the same thing happened in graduate school and now that she is in law school. I guess my question is whether she has been cursed or someone put a spell on her or is she under psychic attack? I am afraid for her. I don’t want her to end up alone. She has just accepted that this must be her lot in life and does not complain, but I am not so sure.
I apologize for such a long winded question. I hope you can help me share some light on this for me. I have ordered all of your books and can’t wait for them to arrive later on this week.

Thank you and God Bless you.

Dear Anon,

Thank you so much for your letter and for sharing your difficulties with me. Unfortunately, I do agree that your daughter has been affected by a “love charm” – which is a form of black magic practised a lot in Africa and in the Far East. I came across these tricky energies in Malaysia and Indonesia and they are often used by young girls to capture a boyfriend. In this case it’s the young man who wants to keep your daughter’s affections and interest for himself. I am sure that this was a once off situation and he probably has forgotten that he even had the spell cast – anyway let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. The spell acts as a barrier around your daughter preventing affection and commitment from anyone to get close to her. Their sense may well tell them to keep away from her which is why she is having difficulty to make friends of any kind.
The good news is that if this is a once off spell put on when he wanted her as a girlfriend it should be relatively easy to clear. I suggest you send in a request to clear this and I will do the clearing as long as I have her permission. Basically, I will blast the offending attached energy with high frequency energy – divine love that I channel.
I will also focus on the magnet that drew this energy in to her. I sense it could be some self-doubt – not unusual in teenagers and young people. I will send love to this to heal that energy in the same session. The self-doubt and the negative energies attached to her will be the cause of her low energy levels. All curses, spells etc. zap your energy as you are fighting the negativity and your spirit is trying to uplift you – so it’s like a constant battle, it feels like you are carrying a heavy weight around and the slightest emotion or exertion will be exhausting.
In the meantime I am sending love and blessings to you and to your daughter.

Love and blessings

Anne x

Ps. Anon and her daughter did give me permission to clear the energy and I felt the cobwebby sensations that come from negative energies as they are shifted. We now hope that she attracts some really loving and supportive friends and a fabulous boyfriend!


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