breaking patterns

Recognising and Breaking Patterns

breaking patternsDear Anne,

I seem to attract the wrong people into my life! Again and again I make friends with people who seem to do nothing but take from me and then they stab me in the back. I feel very alone and now find it hard to trust anyone. What can I do? This applies to my relationships with men too and I have been left too many times. I try very hard to be what people want me to be but still I end up alone.

Many thanks,

Dear Claire,

There are a couple of issues for you to resolve here, sweetheart. Firstly, the pattern you have identified is an indicator that there is a lesson you are in the process of learning and so far you have not understood what it is or made the appropriate changes in your life. It feels as though you have low self esteem and are not fully accepting yourself. People will treat you as you treat yourself so you need to start to look after yourself, treat yourself well and start to find things about yourself that you can like and respect.
Secondly don’t change yourself or do things just to please your friends this way you lose your true identity and will not come across as genuine or sincere, then people will mistrust you or reject you.
I suggest you look for friends with similar interests as you, so join a group or club and then you will have a genuine point of common interest that can be the platform to begin a new relationship

Love and good luck.

Anne x

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