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Dear Anne, thank you so much for being here for us all these years. My question is very simple, How to resist temptation ? Entities are often putting a lot of pressure on me as I try to move forward and upward. And I sometimes find it hard to resist temptation… little tiny things but not good ones……. Bless you Anne for your love and beauty…

hand rejecting apple isolated on white background
hand rejecting apple isolated on white background

I have received your email about temptation, bless you. You don’t mention in what form the temptation arrives but I suspect its purpose is to take you off track – at least that is how you see them.

Here are a couple of points about temptation.

  • From my personal perspective I find that the law of resistance is one that comes into play when my senses are teased and when my thoughts are high jacked by what seems to be an outside source. And that law works this way: the more you resist the stronger the force becomes! One way to overcome the urge, to release the energy torque created by a pull and a resistance, is to allow yourself a very small indulgence. So you do what you are being tempted into but only in a very small small way. This can often release the little demons that are tempting you. Can satisfy the urge of your ego or your senses.
  • The other point with temptation is that is can only latch onto something within you of similar energy. And this goes for any negative attack. For example the energies are flowing towards you and they can only stick if they find some Velcro, some sticky substance – otherwise they flow over and around you. This is the rule of similar energies connect to and attract each other. So you will need to look inside you – to go within to find the imprint of mind or heart/soul that is acting like a magnet. It could be the scar and memory of some past experience from this or previous lifetime, it could be a sense of lack again caused by a past experience or programming. Just intend to find the cause and it will come to you. Ask to have this cleared and healed.
  • Thirdly – use a powerful form of protection that not only protects but seals your aura. When you have cravings of any kind or yearnings you create a stream of thought that looks outside yourself for satisfaction (addictions are an extreme form of this) and these thought forms end up creating a hole in your aura – then gremlins can creep in and you are vulnerable to outside influence and invasion. There are a number of ways you can protect your energy (my little e-book Protect Yourself has several – but its important to set the intention of sealing your energy as well as protecting it.

I hope this help you sweetheart. But also give yourself some lee way and don’t be harsh and judgemental of yourself. Loving youself and giving yourself some latitude is healing too!

Big hugs Anne xxx


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