Resistance and barriers on your path

under construction barrierI have worked in a corporate role for 31 years and since March I have felt uncomfortable and constrained in my work environment. It feels harsh, competitive and I’m beginning to feel depleted. I am a qualified life coach and reiki level 1 qualified at the beginning of August. I feel a stronger pull to connect with my intuition to meditation and to bring healing and love into the world. I’d like to set up my own holistic therapy business and to find paid work that energises me and I feel helps people. In the workplace I feel negative energy from my manager and I’m wondering how this may be connected with my karma in this or a past life. I feel at a deep level if I remain in my current job it will end in tears. I feel stuck and as if I’m stagnating whilst daily meditating and staying connected with love and light. But I’m finding this a struggle. I would like to remain anonymous.


Bless you. You are not alone in feeling unfulfilled and unhappy in your work. I don’t doubt that most of us feel like this at some time or another. I most certainly did when I was a computer programmer years ago – I was a complete misfit for the work I was doing but it was good pay and seemed “the right thing to do” at the time. I eventually realised – as you are now doing – that your life is too valuable for it to be spent for too long doing something that you hate. Of course, if we have others to consider then we can’t always have a job that makes us happy all the time but it would seem it’s certainly time for you to change direction.The reason you cannot find the “get up and go” to make this change is that there will be some deep-seated and subconscious barriers. These can be fear of the other path – the one your heart is calling for you to take or your higher self – that part of your spiritual energy that holds your full wisdom and connection to higher frequencies of consciousness – may be holding you back for a number of reasons. Here are some of the causes for resistance and barriers in moving onto your preferred path and suggestions to help clear them:

  • The choice you have made in your mind – in your case to open a centre – may not be right for you because of your personality, character and skills set.
    • Discuss your plans with someone who would be sympathetic to your ideas and listen to how your own body responds as you speak out loud about your dreams. Does your heart fill full and happy or do you get a nervous feeling in your solar plexus?
  • A disconnect with reality – you are a spirit but you are living a physical life so you need to be in touch with the earthly state. Check out that the route you have chosen really is practical for you.
    • Will your plan allow you to be self-supporting and self-reliant? Unless you can be financially sound the project will not succeed.
  • You will find it hard to go forward if your heart is not fully open to your chosen work, your life purpose and/or finance and security.
    • Your heart may be closed due to past life situations and experiences where you were persecuted for working with spirit or working with healing energies.
    • These past experiences may have also caused you some negative karma – guilt that you didn’t fulfil your divine promises or some situation that caused you to feel hurt by your experience. These negative experiences can leave scars and imprints which can be causing subconscious blocks of fear in this lifetime.
    • Meditate and set your intentions to open your heart fully to your goals, to your life purpose and to financial success. Setting your intentions clearly will start the process of manifestation. Also be positive about your life generally, any negative thoughts about people or situations you are already in will bring down your own vibration and make it difficult for you to attract what you need and desire.
  • It could be that the timing for your new venture is not yet right. Eg. Other people who have a life plan to join you in this venture may not be ready yet. Or those who you are planning to help may not be ready or open to receive what you have to offer.
    • Meditate on this and see what answers come through to you.

·         You may have made a vow not to do this work ever again after bad past life experiences. o   Say out loud three times “I release and dissolve all karma and vows that prevent me from following my life purpose”

Finally I suggest you start your business plan for your new venture and chose a name – it will kick start the energies of change and will be a positive step in the right direction.

Good luck with this and keep your spirits up – things will change and you are the master of your own destiny – it’s just easier to follow the path that you chose before you came – if you follow the steps I suggest I feel you will get clarity on this and you will find the way forward.

Sending you love and blessings and big hugs.


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