Being a Carer for a Loved One


Being a Carer for a Loved One is essential reading for those facing the journey of helping care for a close relative, friend or other significant person in your life. Caring for an unwell person can be a challenge for many people and is a territory which comes with many ups and downs, all of which can make for an emotional roller coaster. This guide can help you overcome some of those difficulties and is written from Anne’s first-hand experience as she cared for her late mother; it is rich and full of the expected and the unexpected events that you could be faced with. The carer often gets overlooked in the equation, with the focus being on the patient, so read this and know you have a helping hand to guide you through the process.

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2 reviews for Being a Carer for a Loved One

  1. Odoslané z iPadu

    Absolute gem of a book, written by a seasoned author and healer of international renown Anne Jones, Being a Carer for a Loved One is a refreshingly honest account of joys, tribulations and suggestions for caring for a sick loved one, in Anne’s case her spirited and insightful mother. It is, like everything Anne does, a gift to others and it leaves reader with enormous amount of wisdom, practical ideas and wonderfully soothing acknowledgment of frailties and beauty of human existence. In eight distinct chapters reader is guided with kindness and understanding through guilts, frustrations, worries and fears which accompany tremendous love we feel for those we care for.

    Truly outstanding book for both spiritually inclined and pragmatists, it fills with meaning and sense of loving purpose. It changes everything we once thought about as a moral obligation.

  2. Janis

    Hello Anne, thank you so much for the Being a Carer for a loved one book. I am normally a very positive person and have managed to remain so, throughout the challenging time I am going through. The book is a little life saver, putting things into perspective, and I have found it a great comfort. I have carers starting on Friday to lighten the load. Once again thank you, you’re a gem. xxx

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